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The Role Of A Community Manager

A company’s voice and ears

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09 Jun · 3 mins read

A business is nothing without its customers. Apple would not be Apple without its iPhone enthusiasts. Tesla would not be Tesla without its electric car supporters. Like with Apple and Tesla, a successful company needs to find its community. So, how do you get this community? Through a community manager. 

Check out to see our community manager in action. 

Your Voice And Ears


83% of consumers on Facebook prefer brand personality. This means that customers want to invest in brands that are engaged on social media, social causes and with their audience. Customers want companies who use their voice, but who also listen to the needs of the customer. In short: customers want a face for the company. 

What Is A Community Manager? 

Before diving in to what a community manager is – let’s get clear on what a community manager is NOT.

A community manager is NOT a social media manager! Repeat: social media managers are not community managers. Both of these roles may work together to complete a common goal, but their actual work is different.

A community manager is responsible for developing a community. They can develop this community by participating in online discussions, becoming a thought leader in an industry, finding new members to join the community, listening to the current community and engaging its members. 

Since community managers are constantly working with people and engaging audiences on a wide range of platforms, they usually need to have skills in communications, public relations, social media management, event management, event planning and content creation. 

Through this constant online and offline engagement, community managers make customers feel a part of the brand and the company. 

These personal relationships can go a long way in creating long-term customers and becoming a trustworthy brand. 

Where Do Community Managers Build Communities? 

So we talked about what a community manager is, but you may be wondering, where do they manage these communities? 

Community managers can manage communities both offline and online. There is no right way to go about picking which management style is best, it just needs to align with your business and your business’s long-term plan. 

When it comes to online community building, it usually happens in three different ways.

1. Social Media Platforms

Over the years, social media platforms are only becoming more and more popular. Popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok are great ways to create a brand presence that customers can constantly engage with. Through these channels, people feel they can connect with the brand in a personal way. 

2. Video conferencing platforms

Using Video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Skype can be great to connect on an even deeper and more personal level with your customers. Whether through virtual classes, workshops, networking events or webinars – having virtual methods of communication like this can get customers face-time with the company itself, and build a stronger bond.

3. Offline engagement

There are many different ways to engage offline with your audience. You can do in-person networking events, workshops or summits. Here, communities can meet the brand in real time and engage with others in a way that isn’t possible online – making offline events the best for maintaining and curating long-term relationships with customers. 

Some metrics that community managers may look at to measure success are: brand awareness, audience growth rates, engagement rates, click-through rates (CTR), amplification rates, bounce rates, conversion rates and cost per conversion. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Community Manager?

Community managers are invaluable to a company when it comes to long-term success. Community managers help a community personalize their brand, connect with customers, and build trusting relationships with them.

Community managers are your company’s voice and ears, they are your customer connectors…

and most of all – they are your community builders. 

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