What is Community Management?

The smartest way to scale a business

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08 Jun · 4 minutes read

With constant market crashes, it is hard to believe companies can continue increasing their profits. But, what if we told you community management is the answer? While building a community is the first step, keeping that community active is every step after that. 

(Check out to see community management in action.)

A New Way to Scale

What is a Community? 

Imagine going to a coffee shop with friends, joining a discord server or commenting on a creator’s newest video. These are all examples of communities that are around us every day. A community can have anywhere from five people to over 90 million.

Understanding how these communities work can help a business build and scale their own communities to reach customers across the world. 

What is Community Management? 

While building a community is the first step, it is not the last. After you build a community, you need to maintain it. Think about planting a seed, if you take care of the seed, it will grow into a flower.

However, even when the seed becomes a flower, you still need to take care of it. Communities are the same. There is a building phase, then, there is also the management phase. 

Anyone can have a community. 

Many communities are similar to other communities. There are hundreds of crypto communities, content creator communities or even meme communities. But, not all these communities are successful. 

By now you may be wondering, What makes a community stand out in their management? Continue reading to learn the top two ways a business can manage their community.

Brand Identity

A business is not just managing a community. They are managing an entire brand identity. What separates a successful community from an unsuccessful one is two things. 

The first is to create a brand identity that is unique and one that community members relate with. 

The second thing is managing that identity.

As the community grows, the brand of the community has to grow with it. Managing a community means staying adaptable. Sometimes at a moment’s notice. 


Imagine you stop watering a flower. It will die. Imagine you stop giving a flower sunlight. It will die. Even though the flower is no longer a seed, it still needs people to take care of it.

Communities are the same. Yes, it takes effort and time to build a community. But, that is only half of it. You need to keep the community engaged, otherwise people will leave.

A key to managing the engagement of a community is consistency. A community manager needs to constantly be active. This means the same level of activity everyday. This activity needs to be at the same amount everyday of every week of every year. 

If these communities are managed well, it could bring in revenue, new customers and even a new hire. 

Water your community, give it sunlight – and it will work for you and your business. 

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