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08 Jun · 3 minutes read

Companies are spending millions of dollars a year to research and engage their customers. But what if we told you community engagement is the answer? Whether through social media channels, a self-developed platform or a private Facebook group, community engagement is the future

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The Future: Building Engaged Communities

What Are Engaged Communities?

Imagine going to a coffee shop with friends, joining a discord server or commenting on a creator’s newest video. These are all examples of communities around us every day. An engaged community can have anywhere from five people to over 90 million.

Understanding how these communities work can help a business build and scale their own communities to reach customers across the world. 

Keep reading to learn the top 3 proven methods to help businesses build and engage their community in no time. 

1. Motivate. Motivate. Motivate.

Think about why you went out for coffee with your friends last week, joined a Facebook group or followed a creator on Instagram. Maybe it was to relax, meet new people or learn from others. But, there was a reason. 

Community members are the same. They will always ask “Why.” 

People will not join communities if they do not get anything out of it. People join and engage in communities when they are learning, connecting with others or collaborating on things that matter to them.

When building an engaging community, think about why a person might want to join, engage and stay connected with the community. 

2. Stay Active. 

Communities do not run themselves. If there is no way for people to engage, they won’t. 

Someone has to plan when all your friends are free to get coffee or go to the movies. An engaged community is the same.

Think about a group chat where no one answers or messages. No one will want to stay in that group chat. Communities are the same. 

To make an engaging community, businesses need to take out the time to plan how. Today, it’s common for companies to hire a community manager or an ENTIRE community team. These teams are dedicated to supporting all the community members that join.

This could be through sending memes, questions of the day posts, free online webinars or social events. 

An active community is an engaged community.

3. Create Space. 

When a community is made, make sure there is space to engage. If all the comments and messages are from the business, no one is going to stay. It’s like going for coffee with friends, and only one friend speaks the entire time. It’s not engaging for you or your audience. 

Add forms, messaging, commenting or other interactive features to the community so the audience can engage with one another. This way, it’s like going to a coffee shop where everyone is talking, feels heard and engaged in the conversation around them.

If done right, these engaged communities can also become self-sustaining and use less company resources. These communities could bring in revenue, new customers and even a new hire.

Building engaged communities are the future of business, and this future is an investment worth making. 

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