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21 Sep · 3 mins read

Accessibility, environmental awareness, and socio-economic sustainability is becoming more and more of an important focus for most companies in today’s world – and the Singapore based tech-based conglomerate, Grab, is no exception.

Grab Commits to Making Every Day Better

Grab is South East Asia’s number one Superapp, with a core mission to create SEA largest and most accessible marketplace. They are committed to making sustainable change through providing convenient daily services, all while taking into consideration their social, economic, and environmental impact.

In 2020, many lives and industries have changed significantly – and many small businesses and drivers on the Grab platform felt this impact too. 

Being a company that is focused on providing sustainable income opportunities through tech, Grab has provided lifelines to countless South-East Asians and small businesses to be able to thrive through the economic instability that has been rippling across the world.

GrabForGood x Nas Academy Fellowship

In response, Nas Academy committed to developing a collaboration with Grab in 2020, calling it the GrabForGood x Nas Academy Fellowship – as reported in TechinAsia.

This fellowship would provide free enrollment for 100 content creators in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines to join the 4-week Creator Mastercourse, hosted by Nas Academy trainers

Following the completion of this course, students are given all the creative and technical resources they need to complete a 6-month fellowship with Grab. 

The first group of fellows were committed to creating 200 videos collectively across their social media channels during this time, and to share inspiring stories of Grab partners who had used the Grab platform to continue to thrive during uncertain times.

Through our 9.9 rated course, fellows were taught essential new-age skills to create marketable online content, even beyond Grab. The 1-month Creator Mastercourse focused on the following:

  1. Scriptwriting Skills. Students learned how to structure their story and scripted it to help them create impactful, informational videos that were optimized for social media.
  2. Producing Techniques. Helping students learn about planning, framing, shooting, and editing their videos for optimal engagement and to master their visual storytelling techniques.
  3. Promoting Strategies. Tried and tested social media marketing strategies were also taught to students, in order to help them increase engagement and get views. They learned the essentials for cross-promoting and optimizing their videos for reach, to catch the eyes of brands and consumers alike.

Many creators found extreme success from the GrabForGood x Nas Academy Program. Jia Chuan Lau (Jeray) is a fellow who grew his Facebook page from 997 to 4,528 followers without any previous content creation experience.

Student Spotlight: Jia Chuan Lau (@ADayWithJeray) – The 108cm Grab Rider in Malaysia 


The 6-month fellowship with 100 creators resulted in a variety of positive outcomes, not only by organically marketing Grab and other local businesses, but also by inspiring creators to highlight businesses within their communities through online content creation. The outcomes included:

  • Upskilled and amplified the work of content creators to begin their careers online;
  • Provided the opportunity to expose the creators work alongside a highly-recognized brand;
  • Gave an opportunity for otherwise underprivileged students to learn how to use their storytelling skills as a force for good, and to help support their community; and
  • Created marketing opportunities for many of Grab’s merchants and drivers – to highlight their intense resilience and inspiring support for their community.

Many fellows went on to also secure brand deals, partnership opportunities, and even free courses from educational institutions; while continuing their content creation journey with Grab to tell more inspiring stories of everyday people.

Janica Mae Lam Creator Spotlight


Baptiste Lejeune creator spotlight

GrabForGood x Nas Academy has ultimately been a successful opportunity to help share important stories to support local businesses, connect brands with talented creators, and in its attempt to, in the words of Cheryl Goh (Vice President of Marketing & Sustainability at Grab): “spread positivity and hope.”

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