“Agent” means a company or natural person duly authorized by Nas Academy to advise on Courses or Community Membership, and sell Courses or Community Membership, on behalf of Nas Academy, as listed on the official Nas Academy website and updated from time-to-time; “Authorized Partner” means a company or natural person duly authorized by Nas Academy to provide some or all services on behalf of Nas Academy, as listed on the official Nas Academy website and updated from time-to-time; “Course” means any course, unit or subject that you purchase from Nas Academy, Agent, or Authorized Partner; “Community Membership” means a subscription to one or more of Nas Academy’s communities. “Enrollment” means your enrollment in any Course or Community Membership and is subject to: • You provide all the necessary information to enable Nas Academy, Agent, or Authorized Partner to facilitate and confirm your application for enrollment in a Course or Community. • You confirming any requested information to determine Course or Community suitability • Payment of the Course or Membership fees. • Final approval of your enrollment by Nas Academy. “Nas Academy” or “We” means Nas Education Pte Ltd, UEN 201933647N. Nas Academy considers a Minor to be a person under 16 years of age.


All enrollments are subject to the final acceptance of Nas Academy. Agent or Authorized Partner may act on behalf of Nas Academy in this regard. We may choose not to accept enrollment at any time, for any reason. You must supply Nas Academy with accurate information that is not false or misleading. Any false or misleading data deliberately provided to Nas Academy, Agent, or Authorized Partner is considered fraudulent behavior and may constitute an offence. In such cases, Nas Academy reserves the right to refer the matter to the relevant authorities and/or terminate all services to you. If you need to change any information, you may do so using the Nas Academy student portal or contact Academy Support via hello@nas.io


A person who is a Minor at the time of enrollment, requires the permission of an authorized parent or guardian. Nas Academy may refuse to enroll a Minor in the case that We believe the course would not be appropriate for the Minor. Once your course starts, you will be required to participate in the course in order to successfully complete your Course. Participation includes consuming the prescribed course material, engaging in online classes, and completing assessments, exercises, and activities. Some or all of these may be compulsory in order to be considered to have successfully completed your course of study with Nas Academy. If you are unsure of your progress, having difficulty completing your course, or are not happy with your Academy Trainer, please get in touch with Academy Support at hello@nas.io


As part of your studies with Nas Academy, you will be required to create, record, edit, and/or submit text and/or video and/or audio. Such data or recordings may include personal information and the pictorial and/or audio-likenesses of yourself and others. By enrolling, you agree to the storage, transmission, and use of this data and your likeness, which may include transmission over the internet and/or posting on social media. Nas Academy reserves the right to share any captured data with your classmates, other groups of students, Nas Academy staff, Nas Academy trainers, Nas Academy Communities, Academy Support, Agents, and Authorized Partner. However, if you prefer that this doesn’t happen, you must notify Nas Academy in advance by contacting Academy Support at hello@nas.ioNas Academy services or equipment may not be used to record other people without their knowledge, nor to store or transmit images, likenesses, or audio of people, including yourself, indecently dressed, insufficiently clothed, acting inappropriately including using profane language, symbols or gestures, or using language, symbols or actions that could be assumed by a third party to be offensive or upsetting, or is illegal in your jurisdiction. Hate speech and offensiveness against gender, religion, colour, race, country/region of origin, nationality, or sexual orientation is expressly forbidden on any of the Nas Academy services. Any such activity may result in sanctions against the student, which may include but not be limited to suspension or expulsion and/or referral to the appropriate authorities. Nas Academy will be the final arbiter of what is considered to be offensive.


We value the integrity of our educational materials and the diligent efforts invested in their creation. As a student in our educational programs, you bear the responsibility of upholding the confidentiality of our IP. Please refrain from sharing course materials externally or with unauthorized individuals. Sharing our materials without explicit consent not only compromises the quality of our educational offerings but also constitutes a breach of our IP rights.


Although We may provide you with different ways to pay for Course or Community Membership, not every payment method may be available in every jurisdiction. Receiving Course or Community Membership payment for Nas Academy may be delayed due to reasons including but not limited to the transmission of fees from Agent to Nas Academy, weekends, public holidays, and bank transmission. This may cause some delay for Nas Academy to provide Course or Community Membership services to you. Nas Academy will not be held responsible for any Course or Community Membership services delays. Payment methods may vary and may include fees imposed by your bank and/or payment provider. Fees may also be charged in a currency that is different to the currency used by you, in which case a currency conversion fee may be levied by your bank or payment provider. In such cases, We will not be providing any compensation or discount. Please check with your bank or other payment provider before using these payment methods as it is your responsibility. Unless explicitly provided, Nas Academy does not extend credit, so please ensure all fees are paid prior to the commencement of your course or Community Membership. If you are facing difficulties regarding fee payment, please contact Academy Support at hello@nas.io


Discount codes provided by Nas Academy can only be redeemed during the checkout process on our website. These codes cannot be applied after the payment has been processed. Discount codes may have specific validity periods as indicated in the promotional materials or emails you receive. Please make sure to use the code within the specified timeframe. Once the validity period has expired, the code cannot be applied.To apply a discount code, please ensure that you have entered it correctly in the designated field during the checkout process. In case of any technical issues preventing you from applying a discount code during checkout, please contact our customer support team before completing your purchase as we do not provide retroactive discounts. If you forget to apply a discount code during checkout, we are unable to refund the discount amount or adjust the final payment.We reserve the right to investigate and take appropriate action against any suspected abuse or misuse of discount codes. This includes but is not limited to the use of multiple accounts or attempting to apply discount codes after payment.Nas Academy reserves the right to modify these discount code usage policies at any time. Any changes will be reflected in the updated terms and conditions, and we ask that you review and adhere to the latest policies.


Nas Academy courses have a fixed duration that is not extendable. The start and end dates are listed for you prior to your enrollment so that you can plan your study. If you find the duration is insufficient, please contact Academy Support at hello@nas.io


In the event that Nas Academy may have to cancel a course prior to commencement, you will be issued a full refund. The refund will be paid to you via the payment method in which Nas Academy received the money and in the currency in which Nas Academy billed you.


We gladly accept course transfer requests within three months of enrollment as long as the course fee has been paid in full. If you're still in the process of completing installments at the time of the request, we will continue collecting payments until they are completed in order to qualify you for transfer to the next cohort. We kindly remind you that once you transfer, you will no longer be eligible for a refund if you decide to withdraw from the course.


The delivery of services may be provided to you by Authorized Partner in any jurisdiction. This may require the transmission of data, including your personal aata, across international boundaries and between Nas Academy and Authorized Partner. We may need to do this in order to provide services to you. By enrolling in a course, you agree to the transmission and storage of any such data.


Any errors notified via email to Nas Academy will be handled in accordance with Nas Academy quality management processes. We will not be held liable for errors or inconsistencies in course material or advice given. For all course feedback, contact Academy Support at hello@nas.io


In the event of a power outage, server failure, or app failure, Nas Academy will not be held liable for any loss of information or Course data.


Nas Academy, Agent, or Authorized Partner do not guarantee a job or accreditation outcome after Course completion.


Nas Academy, Agent, or Authorized Partner is not responsible or liable for actions/decisions taken by individual students after consuming any/all the teaching materials on the platform. Nas Academy, Agent, or Authorized Partner is only responsible to provide the mentioned services per offering and is not obliged help students take decisions/actions. Nas Academy, Agent, or Authorized Partner take no responsibility and cannot be held liable for individual decisions/actions by students before/during/after a service offering.


If anything occurs during your study that may prevent or impede your study, you must disclose the information via email to Nas Academy, prior to Course commencement, by contacting Academy Support at hello@nas.io


If you find yourself unsatisfied or facing challenges that make it difficult to continue with the program, you have the option to withdraw from the course and receive a 100% refund, but this must be done within 30 days after the first class begins. Once the refund is processed, your access to all used platforms will be revoked. If you request a refund after the 30th day, the refunded amount will be prorated. We want to ensure your satisfaction and assist you in any way we can.


- In the event that a student fails to complete installment payments within 30 days of the due date, Nas Academy reserves the right to revoke access to all platforms. However, before taking such action, our Nas Academy team will reach out to you and provide assistance to help resolve any payment errors or issues you may be facing. We understand that sometimes circumstances can arise, and we are here to support you in finding a solution that makes the payment process easier for you.


Nas Academy will not incur additional costs of interpreters, aid workers, computer hardware or software, prostheses, hearing aids, braille devices, translations, software modifications, or any other modifications or support services required. Please enquire with your local disability or special needs support services. However, we may be able to make reasonable adjustments and accommodations to meet such needs.


Depending on the country of operation, Nas Academy courses may be delivered in one or more languages, as listed on the Nas Academy website. With the exception of courses that are explicitly marketed as suitable for children, all Nas Academy courses require the learner to have the ability to read, write, and communicate in the scheduled languages to a grade 8 level. Most courses will require the use of a computer (MacOS and/or Windows). It is assumed that you are able to operate a computer, connect to the internet, and use basic applications. By enrolling in the course, you hereby confirm that you consent to these terms.


In the event that you have a complaint about Nas Academy, Nas Academy staff, Nas Academy trainers, Nas Academy Community Managers, Nas Academy Course content, or Nas Academy assessment, the following procedure will apply: Step 1: Please communicate your concerns directly with your trainer or Community Manager (this may be done via private message); Step 2: If your issue is not resolved, or is an issue with your trainer or Community Manager, email hello@nas.io detailing your complaint. We will respond to you within 24 hours.


All student enquiries, complaints, and feedback must be sent via email to hello@nas.io


We employ the use of cookies. By accessing https://www.nasacademy.com and all associated sub-domains, you agree to use the Nas Academy website cookies, in agreement with the Nas Academy Privacy Policy. Nas Academy may use website cookies to retrieve a user's details during each visit. Cookies are used by the Nas Academy website to enable the functionality of certain areas to make it easier for people visiting our website. Authorized Nas Academy affiliate/advertising partners may also use cookies. By filling a form, purchasing or subscribing on the Nas Academy website, you agree to receive emails from Nas Academy about upcoming classes, curriculum information, new course and community launches, upcoming events, and relevant offers. You can withdraw this consent at any time by following the “unsubscribe” link in the emails you receive from us.


This addendum serves to clarify the terms regarding Credits and Payouts for enrolled students of Nas Academy Legacy Courses. Effective immediately, the following conditions apply:1. Credit Validity: Credits earned by enrolled students are valid for enrollment in current programs offered by the Academy. Additionally, these credits cannot be utilized for payout.2. Utilization Deadline: It is imperative to note that all remaining credits must be utilized by June 30, 2024. After this date, any unused credits will be considered expired and will no longer be available for enrollment purposes.

T&C Policy Approval Date: 29 April 2022

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