The great irony is that people don’t enjoy education, but they love learning.

We believe that Creators can fix that gap with better technology and world-class learning experiences.

That’s wherewe come in.


For Creators

We build CreatorTech to help you turn your knowledge, passion and skills into an all-in-one online academy and build a global community around you.


For Learners

We are your one-stop platform to learn from the creators you love through cohort-based online learning.


For Business

We help your business compete in the 21st century through upskilling your team.

Believe in ourmission?

Join us in building the platform forcreators, by creators.

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Education is the only thing that increases when you give it away




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Here's what we offer

We have some of the world’s most engaging teachers

People already spend hours on social media, learning and consuming information through online content. That led us to believe that content creators are the world’s best undiscovered teachers because content creators already know how to engage and communicate with new audiences in a relatable way.

We have unmatched learning experiences

After interviewing hundreds of learners, we found that people love the flexibility of online education, but they wish for a community-based, peer learning group. So instead of picking one or the other, we’ve combined the two! At Nas Academy, users can watch the longer lessons at their own pace, while peer learning and personalised feedback can take place through shorter, live lessons.

We are committed to making great education affordable

Quality education should be both accessible and affordable for all. We built this brand for the rest of the world, for the people. Our name reflects that, our prices reflect that, and our continuous commitment to Giving Day on the 11th of each month reflects that.

We are the subject matter experts in the creator economy

The world has seen major shifts in the way we work – and it’s not just because of the pandemic. There’s a significant increase in mobile device ownership around the world. This creates opportunities for new groups of people to monetise their passion by creating content by simply using their smartphone’s camera. The barriers to entry are lower than ever before, democratising the creator space. And creator-led content is becoming (if it’s not already!) more influential than traditional channels, including television and billboards.

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