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08 Sep · 5 mins read

Amanda Cerny is one of the top internet creators out there – known for her comedic videos, acting, and modelling gigs. This 30-year-old creator is arguably one of the most influential female social media creators in the US. In 2021, Amanda Cerny’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

Amanda Cerny Net Worth: $8 MILLION


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Who is Amanda Cerny?

Born in Pennsylvania, Amanda is a model, actress, content creator, and philanthropist. She grew up in Florida and stayed there for college to study International Affairs, before pursuing her passion for content creation. 

But Amanda wasn’t interested in international affairs or content creation right out of the gate. In fact, as a kid, her sights were set on joining the CIA

She was inspired by her mom’s taekwondo skills and thought it would be a great career – but soon enough, this phase passed and she decided to pursue business instead.

Amanda had begun modeling as a young teen. But it wasn’t until she was inspired by Play Magazine’s Miss October 2008 that she considered a career in entertainment. Not long after landing herself the title of Miss October 2011, she left her student life in Florida and pursued a full-time career in acting and modeling in Los Angeles, California. 

Around the same time, Amanda Cerny started building her brand on the Vines platform in 2011. She was known for creating comedic videos with her friend and internet star, Lele Pons. Amanda has since gone on to collaborate with many other famed internet creators – but it was never meant to turn into anything substantial. At first, Amanda just saw her social media following as a “case study” for her actual career, something to showcase to potential employers. 

Little did she know it would soon become an entire career in itself and her net worth would skyrocket to 7 figures as a result. 

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Today, she’s an actress, model, co-founder of a streaming platform, and one of the most well-known female content creators in comedy and fitness. Her mission is to bring a smile to people’s faces and help empower people everywhere.

How Did She Become So Successful?

Amanda got her first big start with the Playboy company, but the majority of her success has come from creating content around what she’s most passionate about: comedy. 

Since her early days posting on Vine, her videos gained millions of views and her online following started to rise – and that’s how Amanda Cerny’s net worth started to flourish. 

She had over 4.6 million followers on Vine before the app went offline in 2016. But she had already started a YouTube channel in 2011, so she swiftly shifted her focus and continued creating content for YouTube. And she later went on to collaborate with top international brands such as Nike, Paramount, Guess, and Marc Jacobs.

Amanda Cerny’s net worth success is partly because she made her content relatable, in a funny way, that connected with people. Her content drew on the common struggles that she had with her female audience, highlighting all of the barriers that women have to endure on a daily basis. 

She has also expressed how her success on social media is simply following your interests and telling your authentic story with the hopes of somehow, positively influencing someone’s life. In other words: teaching them something through sharing your experience

This is something that we at Nas Academy are also trying to do every day, with every new creator academy. And it’s something anyone can do by starting with the simple act of creating your own channel, and posting content that you are passionate about. Amanda saw this opportunity, and it led her to where she is now. 

“You have to stick with what you enjoy and what you’re good at. So me doing beauty vlogs all the time, I would feel fake doing it because that’s not me. With comedy, I was always surrounded by comedians and joking around.” – Amanda Cerny

But Amanda Cerny’s net worth is ultimately thanks to a diverse range of accomplishments throughout her career in the entertainment industry. In addition to content creation, she’s landed appearances in TV shows like Adam Devine’s House Party, Whitney Cummings’ podcast – and even in Cardi B’s music video for the hit song “I Like It.” 

Amanda Cerny and Whitney Cummings

Beyond her work in entertainment and content creation, she is also heavily involved in philanthropic work. In fact, Amanda is a UN Ambassador – advocating for children’s education, gender equality, and wildlife preservation. 

Amanda Cerny has started leveraging her fame and online presence to raise awareness and educate her audience on important causes, while keeping her message relatable enough to easily learn from.

She has become successful because she has remained true to her mission to create content that will change somebody’s day and teach them something new – proving that the key to success in the creator economy is sharing what you’ve learned today to create a better tomorrow.

Amanda Cerny’s Net Worth and Income

The largest source of Amanda Cerny’s estimated $8 million net worth is from her social media accounts and sponsorship deals. She also generates additional income from her occasional cameo appearances and modeling gigs.

She has 1.1 million followers on Twitter, 9.6 million on TikTok, 9.3 million on Facebook, and almost 4 million collectively from her main YouTube channel (2.76 million) and her vlogging channel (1.17 million) – a combined total of 24 million followers. 

In 2018, it was estimated that her main YouTube channel could generate around $110,000 a year in ad revenue. Although her numbers have slightly decreased and she has been posting less since then, YouTube still remains a small source of income for her. In the past 30 days, she received 356,869 views on YouTube, and it’s estimated she’s currently earning up to $22,000 a year from ad revenue.

Amanda’s second vlogging channel also generates income that would add to her net worth overall, but not as much as when she was actively posting to the platform. It’s been around 8 months since her last upload, meaning she would be earning very little compared to 2018, when it was generating an estimated $33,000 in YouTube ad revenue a year. 

Amanda Cerny’s Instagram account, on the other hand, currently boasts 24.6 million followers and gaining 1.3 million new followers on a monthly basis – a significant source of her net worth and earnings. Based on the estimated $100 an Instagram influencer can make for every 10,000 followers, we can assume that Amanda is making at least $25,000 per sponsored post (although it’s likely to be more, depending on the brands she’s working with).

Lastly, Amanda also generates revenue as a co-founder of the “Zeus Network.” The Zeus Network is an on-demand video subscription service that users can pay $4.99/month to stream comedy, music, dance, and lifestyle programming – all created by some of the internet’s top digital creators.

The Zeus Network is a “first of its kind” streaming service that focuses on creator-first content, helping talented creators monetize their work. Being a co-founder and sharing her own content on Zeus would also account for part of Amanda Cerny’s net worth and annual income, as it was estimated by a source that the platform brought in a total revenue of $1 million in July 2021. 

Amanda Cerny’s Income From Education

Amanda has expressed first-hand how important it is for creators to continue sharing stories and collaborating with others to grow online, that this is at the core of the job itself – sharing what you’ve learned.

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Through Amanda’s charitable work, it’s clear that she understands the importance of making information and learning accessible to everyone. She’s used her platforms to state the importance of using the power that content creators figures hold, to make great change in the world – particularly in education. 

The possibilities are endless and it’s one of the biggest advantages of the creator economy, which is why we help creators start their own academies at Nas Academy. We want to empower creators by giving them a creator-first platform. This way, they can help other aspiring creators while productizing their knowledge to earn a living. 

Amanda Cerny’s net worth could substantially increase by simply taking her skills as a leader and educator, and turning it into a structured, paid learning experience using Nas Academy. Similar to the Zeus Network, she could share her work and generate an income from it – but this time, she would have that collaborative and interactive experience that she herself believes is crucial for all creators to have with their audiences.

Moving into education with an online course is the perfect way to lead her loyal followers and other creators towards being advocates online, just like her. She could share her expertise on how to incorporate advocacy into their careers as creators – or teach the content creation skills that she’s learned on her journey to becoming one of the top female creators in the US. 

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