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9 Video Lessons

Private WhatsApp group

Meet & Greet With Ritesh


How To Turn An Idea Into A Billion Dollar Business

This is no ordinary course on entrepreneurship- it’s taught by Ritesh who built a billion dollar business by his early 20’s- and features interviews with early employees and even the first venture capital to invest in OYO.There is more. This is a cohort-based experience where you can meet other entrepreneurs from all over the world. Who knows? You may find your future co-founder right here!

What You Will Learn

How To Craft A Pitch Like OYO’s

How To Find The Right Investors

What Renowned VCs Look For In Founders

What It Takes To Be A Founder & How You Know You Are One

What’s included

9 Video Lessons with Ritesh (115mins)

2 Live Zoom Sessions To Refine Your Pitch & Get Feedback

Best Pitches Will Get Feedback From Ritesh Himself

1 Exclusive Cohort Where You’ll Meet Others Like You

100% money back guarantee

9 Video Lessons

Private WhatsApp group

Meet & Greet With Ritesh


Am I A Founder?

Play Sample

10 min 52 secs

In this section, Ritesh discusses what being a founder means and if anyone and everyone is cut out to be a founder.

That's A Terrible Idea

9 min 58 secs

Ideas are a dime and a dozen. In this video, Ritesh will show you what separates good ideas from the bad.

Working On Your Pitch

16 min 6 secs

Pitching can be intimidating. In this video, Ritesh gives you tips on how to come up with a winning pitch to investors.

The Mysterious VC World

14 min 33 secs

In this video, Ritesh will share his insights on funding and tips for how to work with investors in the complex world of venture capital.

Conquering Difficult Markets

11 min 26 secs

People think conquering both the Indian and Chinese market is near-impossible. Watch the strategies OYO took to make it possible.

Recruitment & Team Building

11 min 5 secs

Going from 1 to 5000 employees is no easy task. Ritesh shares with you his early hiring tips and what he looks for in his hires.

Surviving A Pandemic & A Storm

11 min 43 secs

Many industries were affected during the pandemic. In this section, Ritesh shares strategies on how to run a company in a time of crisis.

The Next Decade and The Creator Economy?

9 min 18 secs

The post-pandemic future is uncertain, but Ritesh believes the new world is ripe with new opportunities and gives examples of such.

Bonus Content: Building The Oyo Product

9 min 18 secs

In this session, Ritesh shows you his approach towards strategically building and pricing a superior product- OYO.



You will also get access to these resources that’ll help you get started:

OYO’s & other tech giants’ pitch deck template

Cold e-mail templates with Ritesh's tips on how to personalize each email

OYO’s disaster recovery plan for bouncing back from any crisis

The Zero Draft to refine your ideas

Live Sessions

A live learning experience with other aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world

You Will Get:

  • Meet-&-Greet With Ritesh

  • 1 Live Q&A With A Trainer

  • 1 Live Graduation


You want something more than just an online course- we know, we do too.We want to connect you with a community of people just like you. Signing up gives you access to a group where you can interact with entrepreneurs across the globe who have taken this same course. Who knows? You may even find your potential co-founder there!

What Is In For You:

  • Enroll in an exclusive WhatsApp group with a dedicated trainer

  • Exclusive Facebook group where there are regular contests and activities

  • Members-only special discounts and access to private events

Who Is This For?

If you are...

A Budding Entrepreneur

You have a great idea and want to know how to turn it into a successful business.

A Founder

You already have your own business but wondering how to seek funding or scale.

Someone Who Is Working With A Founder

Who want to know how founders think and how to work with them.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

About The Creator

Ritesh Agarwal

ritesh agarwal
Ritesh Agarwal is the Founder and CEO of OYO - a global platform that empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses with hotels and homes by providing full-stack technology. The brand is known for providing budget travelers with easy-to-book, clean and comfortable accommodation all over the world.

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All you need to know

What is this class about?

This class will draw from the experiences of Ritesh Agarwal and teach you how to take your bright idea to successful pitch to successive funding to scalable business.

    Who is this class for?

    YOU! Whether you’re a young student, an aspiring entrepreneur or simply, curious about how to build a successful business, this class is for you. You only need to be at least 16 years old and above while enrolling.

      How does this class work?

      Each class features 9 pre-recorded video lessons which last around 10 minutes per lesson. So you can watch them whenever you like; giving you the freedom to learn at your own pace. Additionally, you’ll also get access to two live sessions – a live class with a trainer and a graduation ceremony – along with an exclusive WhatsApp group where you can interact with classmates and trainers 24/7. At the end of the course, you’ll also get an opportunity to attend a meet-and-greet with Ritesh himself, where the winner of the pitch per wave will get a chance to pitch to Ritesh himself!

        What are the live classes like?

        All live classes will take place over Zoom – the details for which will be provided once you sign up. The first will be a Live Q&A session where you'll get a chance to work on an elevator pitch while getting live feedback from your trainers. The next will be a graduation ceremony where trainers will choose the best elevator pitches to present to Ritesh at the meet-and-greet!

          What will happen at the meet-and-greet?

          Ritesh will personally go through all the best pitches chosen at the graduation ceremony. And he will give his feedback on a selected few. This will give you a chance to hear what he thinks about your billion-dollar idea.

            How long is this course?

            Each class has video lessons that last a total of 2 hours, 20 minutes. But these will be broken up into individual lessons with each video averaging around 10 minutes. So, you can choose to watch these videos at your own pace. Additionally, we’ve also included 2x30-min live experiences (Live Q&A and Graduation) that will add value to your learning. Here, you’ll get a chance to interact with classmates and ask your trainers questions.

              What tools and equipment do I need for this class?

              All you need is a device (a laptop, tablet or even a phone) to watch the pre-recorded videos (with stable Internet, of course!).

                Will I have access to the videos once the course is over?

                Yes! Because it is a recorded class, you can take this course even if underage, as long as you have an adult’s consent.

                  What do I do if I miss a live class session?

                  You will be given access to the recording of each live session, in case you’ve missed any.

                    Will I get a certificate of completion?

                    Yes! You will be given an online certificate of completion for the course you graduate in!

                      What if I choose not to continue and need a refund?

                      We offer a full money-back guarantee. If you find that the course hasn’t met your expectations, simply drop us a note after you’ve finished all your lessons in the workshop.

                        Who do I contact for technical problems?

                        Simply click the yellow chat widget on the bottom right hand corner of this browser or shoot us an email at hello@nasacademy.com

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