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Manila’s School of Drag

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02 Mar · 3 mins read

To be a successful drag queen, you need a couple of things. You need an understanding of make-up, fashion, figure (sculpting), and poise. You need to carry yourself with grace and confidence, all while delivering iconic looks. You need the presence, fashion, and perfect contouring that makes the people around you gasp and say, “Yaaas girl, slay.” 

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Drag is an art, and that comes with all of art’s difficulties and challenges. Wanting to become a drag queen is one thing. But figuring out where to start with developing a style — along with the practicalities of applying eyeliner so sharp it could cut a man, that hourglass figure, finding wigs and fitting them so they look fab, and creating your drag persona and finding a name — can feel impossible. 

It’s All About Manila 

Manila Luzon is one of the hottest drag queens in the world — the spotlight just adores her, and it’s easy to see why. She carries herself with unparalleled grace and style, and makes an impression wherever she goes. 

The world was introduced to Manila in the third season of the 19 times Emmy-winning series RuPaul’s Drag Race, a series that introduced the world of drag to the mainstream. To be a contestant on RuPaul’s requires a level of style and sophistication few can match. In 2019, a panel of judges ranked Manila on a list of the Most Powerful Drag Queens in America. And she’s just getting started. 

Manila’s School of Drag

Manila Luzon Course CardManila is starting her very own academy, Manila’s School of Drag. She will teach you the best-kept secrets of the art of drag right from the basics and practicalities of make-up and fashion, to creating a persona and cultivating your stage presence. 

By the end of her course, you’ll have a brand new wardrobe worthy of a fashionista, know what make-up types and brands are the best (and how to apply them), and know everything you need to know about drag — the history, theories of beauty, fashion, and how to not only project confidence, but to feel confident as your most fabulous self. 

Your drag experience won’t end when this course does because you’ll be joining a community of drag queens just like you. You’ll learn together and support each other on your journey, because your community is all about support and positivity to build each other up. 

So take the plunge and learn straight from a queen amongst queens. Manila’s School of Drag is all about you, and setting you on the path to slay.

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Learn A-Z of Drag

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