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Manila Luzon

The Fabulous Manila Luzon

Drag Queen

Hey, it’s Manila Luzon! I’m an international drag queen known for my wit, humor, and creative sense of style. The world became my runway when I first competed in the Emmy Award winning show, RuPaul’s Drag Race. I may not have won the crown, but I did win the hearts of people all over the world with my crazy costumes, cross-eyed looks, and signature black and blonde wig.Since then, I’ve continued to slay my way through life by releasing hit music videos, hosting TV shows, making guest appearances, and now teaching you how to be the glamazon you truly are.In my class, I will teach you the A-Z of drag and how you can apply it to your life. We will cover topics on makeup, fashion, posing, and bringing out the powerful queen inside of you. Believe me, even YOU can be fabulous.

The School of Drag Experience

Video lessons

All content is based on Manila’s fabulous experiences, and the lessons she’s learned from her years of being a drag queen

video lessons

Basics of drag makeup

Get the best tips and tricks from Manila on putting on drag makeup

Learn the basics of drag makeup

Learn how to pose

Learn how to look good on camera and never take a bad photo ever again

badass community

Learn to choose outfits that match your body

Get tips on how to nail the right outfit every time

Mint How To

Learn how to put on wigs

Learn which wigs to use and how to put them on perfectly

Put wigs

Meet Manila herself

Get the chance to meet, greet, and ask Manila anything!

Meet Manila herself

Develop stage presence

Let your personality shine when presenting, competing, or performing on any stage

Develop stage presence

Know what it means to be a drag queen

Learn the history of drag and how it influenced fashion and beauty

Know what it means to be a drag queen

Meet Fellow Drag Queens

Join a community of fabulous drag enthusiasts

Meet Fellow Drag Queens

How You’ll Transform

A Revamped Wardrobe

Get a glamorous fashionista wardrobe worthy of the title “drag queen“

video lessons

Know The ABCs Of Drag

Be informed on everything drag: fashion, beauty, history, and confidence

video lessons

New Makeup Skills

Level up your contour, eyeshadow, and overall makeup application game

video lessons

Class Schedule

2 Live Sessions
Meet your classmates

UTC Timezone

Virtual Meet on Zoom

Graduate with classmates

UTC Timezone

Virtual Meet on Zoom

01Drag 101

Drag is more than just makeup and costumes. It is an art form. In this section you will learn the origins of drag and how it has influenced society today.

Drag 101

02The Art of Makeup

Getting your drag look on point can be tough. In this section, Manila teaches you about makeup, hair, and how to look absolutely glamorous.

The Art of Makeup

03Fashion and the Body

One of the most fun things about drag queens is their sense of style. However, behind all the glamorous outfits is a lot of effort, tucking, and padding. In this section, Manila teaches you how to slay with style.

The Body Section

Drag Fashion 101

04Posing and POWER

So you’ve already got a flawless drag look. The question is, how do you own it like a true Glamazon? In this section, you’ll learn how to work it in front of a camera and harness the true power of being a drag queen.

Never Take A Bad Instagram Photo Again

All About Power

05Meet the Creator

Each quarter you will get to meet Manila herself and get the chance to ask her all your questions. You will also bond, and exchange stories with the rest of your classmates!

6 Exercises

Express Yourself

Try it With Me!

Identify Your Body Shape

Manila Your Wardrobe

Photo Challenge

Strut Your Stuff

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Join goal oriented classmates

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Learn by doing practical projects

Showcase your work to your class

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Manila Luzon

Manila’s School of Drag

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