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Become a Magician with Xavier Mortimer Academy

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29 Sep · 3 mins read

There’s just something about magic that people can’t get enough of. As children, magicians perform real life miracles that enrapture our imaginations. As adults, we can chalk most tricks up to sleight of hand – but magic still gives us the chance to be wowed, and experience that childlike wonder again. 

Magic is a combination of skill and showmanship. It’s theater – a performance. It can take years to become an expert at the craft and to perform tricks that boggle the mind and leave your audiences asking: “How did they do that?” 

Have you ever wanted to learn the craft yourself, and leave the people around you in awe as you make objects disappear before their eyes? Well, now you have the chance – and better yet, you can learn it from a master magician who dazzles even the most stubborn skeptics. 

Who is Xavier Mortimer? 

Xavier Mortimer is one of the greatest magicians of his generation. He began practicing magic as a teenager, and has been reaching new heights ever since. 

Xavier Mortimer On Stage

Xavier’s resume is truly something to behold. He spent 3 years performing in the highly acclaimed Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson: one” show in Las Vegas. And since 2016, he’s been running a show of his own, “Magical Dream,” at Planet Hollywood. His tricks and routines have been seen and admired by millions on the internet. 

Xavier also has his own YouTube channel, which has over 1 million subscribers. He performs his tricks on video for his channel – and now, he’s teaching his own course at Nas Academy. 

Xavier Mortimer Academy 

Xavier Mortimer Academy Course CardXavier’s course, How to Magic, will teach you all the secrets needed to become a great magician on camera by using whatever resources you have available. Xavier understands better than anyone that performing magic on camera is a different experience to performing live – so, he will teach you the fundamentals of magic for both live performance and on camera. 

Sign up for the waitlist and be among the first to learn from one of the most accomplished magicians alive. 

This is the chance of a lifetime to learn not only magic, but also how to perform well on social media – a transferable skill that will give your videos a unique edge as a content creator in general. So what are you waiting for? Join now, and discover all the magic there is in the world around you, right here at the Xavier Mortimer Academy.

Xavier Mortimer Academy Course Card

Learn how to do magic tricks

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