Become a Modern-Day Magician


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Astounding Magic Tricks

with Xavier Mortimer

Xavier Mortimer

Message From Me

Hi, I’m Xavier! I’m a magician, illusionist, and performer! But you probably know me as one of the biggest magicians on social media. I began my career as a magician when I was a teenager, doing simple card tricks on the streets. Since then, I’ve gone on to win several international prizes for the magic in my shows and fooled even the master magicians Penn and Teller. In 2020, I entered a very different world of performance: social media. I soon gathered billions of views, and more than 7 million followers in less than a year! So, I know that performing is different wherever you are. Performing on a stage is so different to performing on the streets, and both are different from performing on social media. Become a Modern-Day Magician will teach you the key to performing in all these places, whether you’re a magician or not, and whether you want to start a career in magic or simply dazzle any crowd for fun.

What You’ll Learn

Amazing Magic Tricks

Perform magic tricks with everyday objects to wow your friends!

people you admire

Key Performing Skills

Stand in front of any audience with the confidence of a master showman.

products you love

Essential Magic Skills

Learn the best techniques for skills like sleight of hand and misdirection.

because you care

Magic Tricks You'll Learn

What You’ll Get

What You’ll Get

  • 2 sessions on Zoom with your classmates and facilitators

  • A fun, community-based learning environment

  • Lifetime access to all course video lessons, taught by Xavier Mortimer

  • Meet Xavier at a virtual Meet the Creator session

Coin and Pen

What I’ll Teach

  • Impromptu magic tricks

  • The art of Showmanship

  • The power of presentation

  • Essential magic skills

  • Introduction to Digital Magic

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About Me

Xavier Mortimer

Xavier Mortimer


Hi, I’m Xavier! Growing up in the South of France, I began my performance journey as a teenage street magician. Since then, I’ve fone on to win several international prizes for the magic in my shows and fooled some of the biggest skeptics in the world.In 2020, I entered a very different world of performance on social media. I soon gathered billions of views, as well as more than 7M followers in less than a year!I’m so excited that I can add “Educator” to my performance resume so that I can pass on what I’ve learned to others passionate about magic and performance.

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Xavier Mortimer: Become a Modern-Day Magician

Become a ModernDay Magician

with Xavier Mortimer

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