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25 Content Creators Graduate From India’s First Creator Fellowship Program

MX TakaTak x Nas Academy

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30 Sep · 3 mins read

The popularity of content creation is on the rise in India, but platforms such as YouTube have restrictions on advertising that makes it difficult for creators to monetize their content through ad revenue. In addition to this, many up-and-coming creators do not have access to the same resources as their western counterparts. This created a gap for Indian companies to build their own local streaming services for Indian creators.

Popularity in content created in India for social media has also skyrocketed, in part because of innovative platforms such as MX TakaTaka short-form video platform where users can create and upload video content.

MX TakaTak launched in India in 2020 and already has over 70 million active users as of September 2021. As a young platform, it has achieved mass popularity in a short period of time. 

MX TakaTak x Nas Academy Creator Fellowship

MX TakaTak, as a site that accommodates content creators, was a natural fit for a fellowship in partnership with Nas Academy, as reported in Indian Television. Valuable relationships were formed between MX TakaTak through the students who participated in the fellowship as well as team members involved in the organization of the fellowship. 

Creators were granted the opportunity to participate in Nas Academy Creator Mastercourse with expert trainers in live sessions.

Creator Mastercourse 

Nas Academy’s Creator Mastercourse was a natural fit for creators who wanted to grow in the space and learn how to monetize their platform through branding.

Creators learned: 

  • Scripting. How to create a script from an idea and to turn that idea into memorable and easily understandable content, including research and traditional storytelling techniques.
  • The filmmaking process. Creative and innovative methods of shooting film and recording sound for storytelling.
  • The editing process. How to streamline their process to be reliable and optimized for social media platforms and their target audiences.
  • Publishing and monetization. How to monetize and optimize content across various social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

MX TakaTak in collaboration with Nas Academy, has announced India’s first Creator Fellowship Training Programme, wherein 25 handpicked influencers will be trained to tell great stories and create high-quality content on-the-go.

Prachi Bahri Creator Spotlight

The program fellows spent one month completing the Creator Mastercourse. The next two months were spent with creator alumni as mentorship, where fellows created videos targeted and optimized for brand awareness and product placement.

At the end of the program, students had learned how to: 

  • Monetize their videos 
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Demonstrate a more nuanced understanding of brand identity 
  • Show significant improvement in their storytelling and content creation skills

Creator Spotlight: Priyanka Singh (@thisisstudiops)

One of the biggest success stories from the fellowship is that of Priuanka Singh, who went from 250 followers on MX TakaTak at the start of the fellowship to 11,500 followers in the weeks that followed. Her most popular video on the platform has over 46,000 likes


Most of the students either created their own platforms on MX TakaTak, or applied the skills they had acquired during the fellowship to improve their content creation and social media presence to expand their follower base by thousands.

The Director of Creator Partnerships at MX TakaTak, Kavya Hegde, highlighted the depth of feedback and interaction Nas Academy trainers gave the fellows. She indicated that a further partnership between Nas Academy and MX TakaTak would be likely.

We believe that investing in skill building of the creators is a driver of success… Excited to explore further opportunities to work with Nas Academy team and build a great educational program for creators.” – Kavya Hegde, MX TakaTak


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