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Social Media Pathway Students Learn Content Creation Skills at PSB Academy

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30 Sep · 3 mins read

Social media is becoming increasingly important every single day. While some could argue it has numerous downfalls, nobody can deny how it has played, and continues to play, such an important role throughout the pandemic.

It’s been empowering parents, students, and teachers to utilize newer ways of sharing information, communicating with each other, and building online communities. And Singapore-based education provider, PSB Academy, believes this is going to be the way of the education sector going forward.

Focusing on the Future of Education

Once known as Singapore’s Productivity and Standards Board, today, PSB Academy is known as “Asia’s Future Academy” – approaching education in a way that focuses on what truly matters: performance in the New Economy. 

In 2021, the PSB Academy was awarded their third National Business Award in Education by Singapore Business Review, and earned “Best Educational Institute – Singapore” by APAC Insider in 2019. Today, they host over 12,000 students from over 50 countries, with their varied certificate, diploma, degree, and short course opportunities.

Using Social Media Tools to Enable Learning

PSB Academy’s mission as an education provider, is to create accessible quality education that nurtures individuals, and enables them to achieve their personal and professional goals. One of their core values is “forward thinking.” And, in their pursuit to deliver high-quality education services and help students be future-ready, PSB Academy has decided to collaborate with Nas Academy to offer a new Social Media pathway within their Diploma in Media and Communications.


PSB Academy x Nas Academy

Being known as “The Future Academy,” PSB Academy recognizes the important role that social media plays in our lives; not to mention how much people, and students in particular, rely on it to communicate and stay connected.

As a result, PSB Academy is joining hands with Nas Academy through a strategic partnership. Their latest course, Diploma in Media and Communications, is designed to immerse students in the world of mass communications, journalism, and social media. 

Students who graduate from this course automatically become members of the Student Chapter of Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS), and get an e-Certificate from Nas Academy. They also get to experience industry visits and IPRS hosted events on an annual basis.


This partnership sees Nas Academy developing 2 modules to train students of PSB Academy to learn the ropes of storytelling, editing, and publishing for social media. These 2 modules will run through two terms, with the length of each term being 10 weeks. Students will learn to apply concepts and practical knowledge in mass communications that are relevant to the industry.

Nas Academy will be committed to helping students upskill, and in turn, help further PSB Academy’s mission of providing students with value-based education services. 

Through PSB Academy’s high-rated courses, students can learn in the following three pathways:
  • TV & Radio Production: an understanding of how to capture the audience’s attention with a strong script, and professional insights into screenwriting and copywriting skills.
  • Radio & TV Journalism: an extensive hands-on training in the latest digital audio-video and multimedia technologies that will elevate the story, and create a strong impact.
  • Social Media (In Partnership with Nas Academy): publishing strategies for various social media platforms that will reach the right people and businesses alike, and lead to higher views and increased engagement.

By the end, students will go on to explore social media marketing opportunities, aspiring creators can use the skills they acquire to create impactful stories, students who choose TV and Radio Production will receive practical lessons from qualified trainers, and future editors and filmmakers can learn to tell compelling stories through their videos.


Students can also choose to explore potential career opportunities in advertising, public relations, corporate communication, digital marketing, civil service, digital animation, UI & UX design, and much more.

This partnership will also provide an opportunity for students to upskill their social media talents, to help create impactful changes in their communities – all while providing them with the skills they need to be ready for exciting job opportunities in the future. 

To learn more about this module and how you can benefit from it, visit PSB Academy.


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