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10 Steps To Launching an NFT Program with VaynerNFT

Be one of the projects that stand the test of time

Team Nas Academy

09 May · 4 mins read

Alright so you probably know a little bit about NFTs by now. You’ve seen some sort of potential in the space, witnessed the immense amounts of cash being exchanged by artists and brands creating their own NFT projects and selling them. So how can you get in on this action and make sure your NFT series lasts? 

VaynerNFT is here to teach you how.

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Learn With VaynerNFT

Gary Vaynerchuk is a famous serial entrepreneur and has always been the first to jump on the newest and biggest tech – he’s also the founder behind VaynerNFT.

Today, the company has garnered over 10 years of experience in the crypto and blockchain space and have become fluent in the top platforms in the world. They’ve worked with high profile global companies, and invested $25 million into partners who are in the space.

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Gary Vee is a big name in the crypto space and is often recognized and quoted by other big names in the industry, especially with his bold claims that only 1-3% of NFT projects are actually going to last after the hype dies down.

Even though Gary believes this to be true, the company is adamant that the technology of blockchain and NFTs are going to stick around – and they want to help you understand all the key steps so you can create in the space, and actually stand the test of time.

Learn How to Create an NFT Project in 10 Steps

VaynerNFT course cardVaynerNFT has grabbed 7 specialists from their Client Partnerships, Creative, and Tech teams – including the president of VaynerNFT, Avery Akkineni – to give you a rounded out view of everything you need to know to start your NFT program the right way.

You’re going to learn the 10 steps to launching your project from pre to post-launch, how to use your current skills and values to build your NFT program – and give it the best chance at lasting in the long run. 

This class will go over the tech of NFTs, what you will need to build it right, the market you’re about to enter and how to navigate it like a pro. This class is going to be a mix of video lessons and live sessions with your classmates and trainers – paired with a live Q&A on Zoom that will allow you to meet your instructors, and ask them all your burning questions about the NFT space.

This is the perfect chance to get started with this space alongside the experts –  and if there was ever a time to get started in building your own NFT project, that time is now. 

Sign up for the waitlist today. See you in class!

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Launch Your Own NFT Project

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