10 Steps to Launch Your First NFT


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Steps to Launch an NFT Project

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What You’ll Learn

Joining the Web3 World

Establish your presence, whether you want to enter Web3.0 as an individial or a brand

Joining the Web3 World

Building Your Team

Understand the type of support and roles that you’ll need to launch an NFT program

Building Your Team

Essential Tools

From Discord to Metamask, get a comprehensive guide on key software to consider for a launch

Essential Tools

Creating Communities

Bring value to your community by using proven strategies around education, support, and content

Creating Communities

Smart Contracts

Uncover the details of smart contracts, cryptocurrency wallets, and blockchain architecture

Smart Contracts

Different Project Choices

Discover the variety of projects that are possible, and which is best for you and your team

Different Project Choices

Who We Are


The VaynerNFT Team

VaynerNFT partners with leading intellectual property owners such as Anheuser Busch, Coinbase, PespiCo, L'Oreal, Tinder, US Open, and many more - to navigate the world of Web3.NFTs allow artists, creators, and brands to bring value to their communities; providing utility and proof of ownership in both the physical and digital worlds.VNFT has brought together seven specialists from their Client Partnerships, Creative, and Technology teams to dive into their pre-launch, launch, and post-launch strategic considerations when building an NFT program.In this class, the 10 steps we cover will guide you towards creating an NFT program that is built for the long-term. This is your opportunity to learn how to incorporate your current skills, assets, and values into an NFT program – or in other words: how to build an NFT that is an extension of you.

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0110 Steps to Launch Your First NFT

Introduction: Avery Akkineni

Step 1: Live in Web3 (and get actively involved), by Sebastian Oddo

Step 2: Set your goals, by Leslie Wheeler

Step 3: Build your team, by Avery Akkineni

Step 4: Build the asset, by MK Luff

Step 5: Build your smart contract, by Chris Choyce

Step 6: Authentically Enter Web3, by Avery Akkineni

Step 7: Show up for your community, by May Niu

Step 8: Create and post content at scale, by Tan Ha

Step 9: Review your project and collect insight, by Sebastian Oddo

Step 10: Love the process and iterate, by Avery Akkineni

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Launch an NFT Project

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