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How To Make YouTube Shorts and Grow Your Channel

Keep it short and to the point

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18 Feb · 7 mins read

TikTok, Instagram Reels and now – YouTube shorts. With the rise of short-form content across multiple social media platforms, YouTube has created its own way of helping creators grow with short, mobile videos. But before we get into how to make YouTube shorts and grow your channel with them, let’s look at what shorts are, and why you should start creating them.

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What Are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube shorts are exactly what they sound like – short YouTube videos. They are 15 or 60 seconds in length, and they create a completely new experience and way to use YouTube. They were first created back in 2020, and have since gained incredible popularity.

You can create these videos entirely on your phone by stringing multiple clips together to create your video – just like TikTok and Instagram Reels. YouTube shorts allows creators to create bite-sized content, and creates optimal opportunities for videos to go viral because of their conciseness, and shareability. It also allows creators to repurpose a YouTube clip for short-form content, to share the same message in a more digestible way. 

Why Use YouTube Shorts?

YouTube shorts have been the next big thing to TikTok and Instagram Reels. Content creators have been seeing immense growth using YouTube shorts, and are getting thousands of views in minutes from posting a single YouTube short.

So why are YouTube shorts worth your time?

Youtube gets 2 billion active users a month, and everyday – 15 billion views come from YouTube shorts alone.

Now you might think that most of the success stories coming from YouTube shorts are because these creators are already big, and they’ve been creating content for a while.

But that’s actually not true.

youtube shorts

The best part about YouTube shorts is that it’s just like TikTok or Instagram: the right piece of content can go viral without ANY followers – it’s not about quantity of followers, it’s about the quality of the content. 

With YouTube shorts, unlike traditional YouTube channels, everyone is on an equal playing field.

But unlike TikTok and Instagram, Youtube’s shelf-life for virality is long. So what does that mean? It means if you post a TikTok video, and it doesn’t go viral in one day – it’s dead.

But if you post a YouTube short and it doesn’t go viral that same day, it still has the potential to go viral for another 2-3 months. 

Lastly, YouTube is great because of the community. We subscribe, search and commit to the creator. So when people discover your short, viewers will often find your main channel, subscribe, binge watch your content and keep up with you for a long time afterwards.

YouTube shorts create an opportunity for discoverability like never before. 

How to Make YouTube Shorts

So now that you understand YouTube shorts and all of the incredible benefits it has to offer your brand or channel, let’s look at how to make YouTube shorts, and how to upload YouTube shorts from your phone:

Step 1: Sign into the YouTube App on your phone

Step 2: Tap on the plus image in your menu bar and select Create a short

Step 3: Record a 15 second sequence, or tap the 15 above the record button to record a 60 second video

Step 4: Record your clip by holding the capture button OR just tap it to start recording, and then tap it again to stop. Tap UNDO to delete any clips in your sequence that you don’t want to include in your final video. If you delete something by accident, you can tap redo to bring it back.

Step 5: Tap DONE to preview your video. If you’re not happy with your video, tap the X to close for two choices: you can start over, or save your short as a draft and exit the camera without losing your work.

*Tip* Take your YouTube short to the next level by adding effects and music like other short-form platforms. To add music, tap the ADD MUSIC tab. You’ll find YouTube’s audio library along with a list of trending music that’s being used in other popular shorts.

Step 6: Tap NEXT to create an engaging title.

Step 7: In the SELECT AUDIENCE section, indicate whether your video is for kids or not.

Step 8: Tap UPLOAD to publish your short.

It’s that easy!

youtube shorts

But if you want to go the extra mile, add captions to your video.

You can do this from the left menu. Select SUBTITLES and then click the video that you’d like to edit. Click ADD LANGUAGE and select your language. Then under subtitles, click ADD.

It takes more time, but we recommend typing in your captions. You can set them to auto sync so the text will match your video, and help save you a bit of time.

How to Grow Your YouTube short

Step 1: Find a simple idea

Don’t pack too much information into the 15 or 60s. This is how people lose interest and click off your video. Instead, find a simple topic and stick to it.

Step 2: Build your brand and stick to it

Repetition is key. Find that one idea or one series concept that engages your viewers, and then keep repeating it. This way, people will know what to expect from you, and you will build authority in a certain area. Try and post once a day to gain momentum and reach.

Step 3: Keep it quick

Don’t speak too slowly, and make sure your video is engaging. You need to keep it fast, trim the fat, use catchy music, and focus on telling your story. Then, end it off and leave your audience wanting more. Remember: viewers normally only watch 3 seconds or less before they leave – so make sure to tell them exactly what they are gonna get at the beginning of the video, and follow through at the end.

In short: keep it quick and to the point – and you’ll be seeing progress in no time. 

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