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Learn How To

Launch Your Collection

Learn the skills, software, and knowledge needed to launch an NFT collection people will invest in

The Crypto Revolution

Market Your Projects

Analyze successful NFT marketing strategies with case studies of NFT collections that rocketed in value

Marketing Your Projects

Enter the Space

Learn the unspoken rules of the Web3 community and how you can build your “1,000 True Fans”

Join the Community

Build Your Dream Team

Discover the key members of any successful NFT project and who your #1 hire should be

Build Your Dream Team

Evaluate NFT Projects

Spot the red flags early and know as a discerning investor when an NFT collection has potential

Assess NFT Projects

Build Your Community

Build a following before your collection launches, while creating the community culture you want

Build Your Community

Meet Your Instructor



NFT Expert

Hi! I’m Zeneca, a lifetime learner, an NFT analyst, investor, and adviser. I’ve been involved in the NFT space since early 2021, and being a part of this movement is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve watched NFT collections form and fail, while seeing others become a new pop culture movement. I’ve analyzed projects from both groups and formed strategies to predict which new projects will fail – and which ones will succeed. I’ve learned how to spot red flags that indicate a scam, and how to spot signs of potential in others. And now, I want to share what I’ve learned. If you’re an artist looking to launch your own NFT collection, an investor who wants to know the signs of a good project, or are interested in learning about the possible careers this space offers, I’ll cover all of that and so much more. Let’s get started!

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Get a Heads-Up on Promising NFT Projects

Some Projects I’ve Invested In

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Different Projects, Platforms, and Networks


The Future of NFT Projects


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01The Basics of NFTs

Get an overview of the terms, platforms, communities, chains, and jobs within the NFT world that will give you all the context you need before for you enter the space.

Module 1: Introduction

Module 1.1: The Basic Terms

Module 1.2: Introduction to the Platforms

Module 1.3: The Community

Module 1.4: The Jobs

02Analyzing NFT Projects (Basics)

Learn about the different kinds of NFT projects out there and find out what makes a project good, bad, or great – as well as how to evaluate if upcoming projects are worth investing in or not.

Module 2.1: What Are The Different Kinds Of Projects, Platforms & Networks?

Module 2.2: Teach Me How To Analyze: What Makes A Project Bad, Good Or Great?

03Analyzing NFT Projects (Advanced)

Zeneca discusses more long-term questions about the space, such as the future of NFT projects, which type of collections he thinks will have longevity and why, and which projects he’s personally invested in and why.

Module 2.3 The Future of NFT Projects

Module 2.4: Projects I've Invested In And Why

Module 2.5: What are the Resources Involved

04How to Launch Your NFT Project (Part I: Pre-Launch)

Learn everything you need to start building your own NFT project today, including the different types of projects, different platforms and software you can use, and even crafting a mission statement and building your team.

Module 3.1: Where & How Do You Start?

Module 3.1: Walkthrough Of

Module 3.1: Walkthrough Of

05How to Launch Your NFT Project (Part II: Launch)

Now that you have your team and project in place, how do you prepare for a successful launch? Learn about how to market your project, build your first 1,000 True Fans or followers, and how to tap on your community.

Module 3.2: Launch: How Do You Execute It Well?

06How to Launch Your NFT Project (Part III: Post-Launch)

Now you’ve successfully launched your project, what do you do? Learn how to ensure continual growth in your community and, hopefully, make a living off your collection.

Module 3.3: Post-Launch: What Do I Do?

Bonus Section: Question & Answer

5 Resources

NFT Key Terms

Pros & Cons Of Minting On Different Chains

Zeneca’s List Of People To Follow On Twitter

How To Evaluate A Good Or Bad NFT Project

Preparation Sheet

7 Exercises

Navigating Discord

Set Up Your MetaMask Wallet

Evaluate a Project

Do Your Own Assessment Of Top Projects

Ideate a Roadmap

Create a Mission Statement

Mint Your NFT

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