How To Be AConsistent Content Creator



Yonatan Belik



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Who Is This For

Beginner[s] - amateur Content creators who are struggling with ideation and consistency


What I'll Teach

  • Finding the right Mindset for your unique creation journey
  • Ideating valuable stories within everyday life
  • Maintaining Consistent output using templates and optimization tools

About Me


Yonatan Belik

Hi, I’m Belik. I'm a nomadic content creator, event host, and a brand new dad. During the 280 days of pregnancy, I’ve been creating daily videos for our newborn, to keep her in the loop of what she’s missed out on. Along this journey, I’ve learned the necessary Mindset, developed an Ideation strategy, and created Consistency hacks that helped me go viral, get branded, and gain the confidence to create daily videos with purpose and impact. Essentially the things I wish I knew before starting my content creation journey. I can’t change my past, but I can contribute to your future. See you in class!

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