The Easiest Skill to Learn in Adobe After Effects

Will Carmack


Will Carmack


Will Carmack

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Who Is This For

People interested in learning Adobe After Effects and are looking for the simplest way to get started

Will Cormack

What I'll Teach

  • An overview of the After Effects Interface
  • Masking in After Effects
  • Keyframing in After Effects

About Me

Will Carmack

Will Carmack

I’m Will Carmack, a professional visual effects artist from Los Angeles, California! I have worked with Yes Theory, Jason Derulo, Liza Koshy, Adobe, Redbull, Starbucks, and many other big brands. Digital art has become my passion and career, so let me teach you how to animate! I promise after taking my live class you’ll realize how simple and easy it is to start becoming a professional animator!

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