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Smart contracts

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Alchemy is the platform Web3 developers build on. OpenSea, Dapper Labs, 0x, Adobe are all working with Alchemy to bring their ideas to life on blockchain, resulting in more than $105B transactions on Alchemy's network. Web3 is the future of the internet, and Alchemy is making it happen.The Alchemy team is passionate about growing the Web3 community through education. By taking this course, you can learn the basics of blockchain development from the best and most authoritative educators in Web3.

What You’ll Create

A smart contract for an ERC-20 token

smart contract

A smart contract to mint an NFT (ERC-721 token)

(fungible token)

A web3 app complete with a simple website!

(NFT) smart contract

Class Samples

Why Web3?


What Are Smart Contracts?


Creating & Deploying A Smart Contract


Class Schedule

2 Live Sessions
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Live Graduation

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Virtual Meet on Zoom

01Introduction to Web3 Development

The developer landscape (growth and ecosystem) has changed drastically in the past 4 years. This sessions places all of the developments in Web 3.0 in context.

Why Web3 is the most exciting space

What are the opportunities in Web3

The urgent need for more developers

02Understanding Blockchain Technology

Ethereum is a must-know in this space. Learn where it is being used, how to earn interest on stable coins, and the basics of NFTs.

What is Blockchain Technology

How Decentralization works

How the Ethereum network works

How Ethereum transactions work

How mining and verification works

03Creating an ERC-20 Token

Go through the step-by-step process on how to create an ERC20 token and write tests for it.

What is ERC20 token standard

How to deploy ERC20

How to write tests for ERC20

How to create factory

How to call functions on tests

04Creating an NFT (ERC-721 Token)

An explanation of the ERC721 token standard, which is standard for representing ownership of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and is more complex than the ERC20 token.

Explain ERC721 token standard

Walkthrough of Curious Addys' Smart Contract

How to estimate gas for write functions

How to call functions from Etherscan

Best practices and gas standard for minting

05Building Your First Web3 Application

Get started with basic blockchain concepts, like “EVM” and “smart contracts,” before learning how to write and deploy a smart contract (using Hardhat).

Defining basic concepts

What is Hardhat?

How to create Hardhat project

Writing a simple smart contract

How to deploy a contract to local net

2 Exercises

The ‘Mom’ Test

What Are Smart Contracts?

3 Resources

Create a Smart Contract for an ERC-20 Token

Create an ERC-721 Token

Creating Your First Web3 Application

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