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Virginia Bautista


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Learn how to stand out on LinkedIn in a 2.5-hour session

Create a trial to triumph story that reflects you

Learn how to write a successful LinkedIn post

Learn the art of building your personal brand in the long run

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1 Live Session

2.5 hours total

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Message From Me

Hi, everyone! My name is Virginia Bautista. As a LinkedIn and Personal Branding Strategist, I have worked with clients from 15 countries in 5 regions worldwide, attracting leads only through personal branding and content marketing using LinkedIn, and without spending a $ on ads. Imagine building your presence in the world’s largest networking site with nearly 800 million members. Imagine being able to amplify your voice to attract opportunities that will help you build your credibility and boost your income.Welcome to Virginia Bautista Academy.If you want to change your life and accelerate your success in 2022, now’s the time for you to invest in your personal brand through LinkedIn.LinkedIn is not just a job portal. It’s so much more than that. It’s a platform for you to be heard, to build a strong professional network, to add value to the community, to learn from other experts and to attract like-minded people who can help you achieve your goals. Do you want a new job in 2022? Do you want to attract your ideal clients for your business?Do you want to fill your pipeline with leads without spending a $ on ads? Do you want to get free PR and media exposure?Do you want to make an impact?Whatever your career or business goals are, you can get them through LinkedIn.And learning how to make it work for you will accelerate your success!If you’re ready to make 2022 a game-changer for you, join me in this live course and discover the myriad of opportunities waiting for you! Once you’ve learned how to make LinkedIn work for you, I promise you – you don’t even have to look for a job or for clients. They’re the ones who will come find you!

Virginia Bautista

What I'll Teach

  • The basics of personal branding
  • How to increase your visibility on LinkedIn
  • How to communicate your value on the platform and add value to others
  • How to tell your story authentically
  • How to measure your success on the platform

next course period

Coming Soon...

Learn how to stand out on LinkedIn in a 2.5-hour session

Create a trial to triumph story that reflects you

Learn how to write a successful LinkedIn post

Learn the art of building your personal brand in the long run

Course Schedule

Section 1


  • Learn who I am, what I do, and how I help others build powerful personal brands
  • Why build you personal brand on LinkedIn?
  • Be enlightened on why you should use LinkedIn
  • How to attract opportunities that will help you achieve your dreams and accelerate your success
Section 2

Building Your Personal Brand

  • Understand what personal branding is and why it matters
  • 3 questions to ask yourself before building your personal brand
Section 3

Unlocking LinkedIn’s Secrets

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile for success
  • Engage, engage, engage
  • Develop a LinkedIn strategy that works for you
  • Learn how to define and communicate your value
  • Understand how to add value to others through LinkedIn
  • Create a compelling trial-to-triumph story that connects with your audience
Section 4

Measuring your Personal Branding Success

  • Understand the power of LinkedIn through case studies
  • Measure your personal branding success on LinkedIn
Section 5


At the end of the session, get the chance to ask your questions to Virginia.

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About Me

Bautista Virginia

Virginia Bautista
Building a strong brand for yourself can be hard, so let me help. As the Philippines’ leading LinkedIn expert and a personal branding strategist who founded VB Consulting, I’ve worked with hundreds of coaches, freelancers, entrepreneurs and consultants from all over the world. I’ve also appeared in 60+ media sites and was cited and features on Forbes three times. I’ll help you build a strong brand that will help you be seen for who you are.

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All you need to know

Why should I learn how to make my LinkedIn profile stand out?

Having an optimized LinkedIn profile can do wonders for your career, widen your network, and bring an abundance of opportunities your way.

    Will this course help me find a job?

    Of course! This course can help land your dream job by increasing your visibility and attractiveness to recruiters across all industries.

      Who is this course meant for?

      This course is meant for anyone looking to be recognized and get promoted, gain more connections, and improve their online presence.

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