How I Got A MillionFollowers By MakingShort Videos



Uptin Saiidi



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Who This Is For

For anyone who is a content creator or brand marketer and wants to boost their engagement, gain more followers, and drives sales on social media.


What I'll Teach

  • Create content that's easy to create and keeps your viewers watching from start to finish
  • Develop a content strategy that's easy to stick with
  • Find your niche and use it to stand out from the crowd online

About Me


Uptin Saiidi

Hi I'm Uptin. I've had a passion for storytelling since a young age, participating in school clubs and competing in tournaments. As a CNBC journalist, I've interviewed leaders across the globe from New York to Sydney, Beijing to Dubai. I've created videos amassing more than 100 million views across CNBC, Facebook & Youtube. My passion is helping people and companies better communicate their ideas.

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