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Uptin Saiidi


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Master The Art Of Communication

2-Hour Live Learning Experience

7 Practical Communication Tips

Community-based learning

Message from me

"Failure to communicate effectively in business is a fast road to failure.It means startups won't get funded, products won't get sold, projects won't get backing, and careers won't soar.Don't sabotage your potential because you can't communicate your ideas." - Carmine GalloUptin Saiidi, an international journalist who reported for CNBC for 7 years, knows that you could have the greatest ideas in the world -- but it only matters if you can communicate them effectively. By the end of the course, you will be able to calm the nerves, build your confidence, tell your personal story in a highly impactful way, and interview and be interviewed live and during podcasts. There's never been a better time to master your story, message and have your own audience


What I'll Teach

  • How to calm your nerves and build confidence
  • How to tell your story in an impactful way
  • Voice Hacks to command people’s attention and sound better
  • How to host a podcast or be interviewed live

next course period

Coming Soon...

Master The Art Of Communication

2-Hour Live Learning Experience

7 Practical Communication Tips

Community-based learning


1. Calm Your Nerves And Build Confidence

Calming your nerves is not just a popular phrase, it is a skill. It is also the first step towards confident communication.

2. The Art of Being Specific And Precise

Confidence alone doesn’t make you a good communicator. What matters is your message, and how accurately and concisely you present it.

3. How To Add Value To Every Interaction

Effective communication won’t help if your message is not valuable to your audience.

4. Tips For Active Listening

Communication is a two-way street. Active listening is an essential step towards understanding your audience.

5. Secrets To An Epic Voice

In addition to having valuable message, knowing how to convey it verbally is a useful skill to have, and your voice can play an important role in that.

6. Read The Damn Room

Having the ability to “read the room” is incredibly useful, as knowing when to speak is as important as knowing when not to.

7. The Power Of Persuasion

Communication is about more than getting one message across. Once you gain your audience’s attention, persuasion can help you maintain it.

About Me

Uptin Saiidi

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I’m Uptin. I’ve lived in California, New York and now I work and travel the world. I reported live on TV and launched CNBC’s YouTube Channel. Now, I make videos for my channels @Uptin, host workshops, conferences, and coach clients ready to LEVEL UP.

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What is the structure of this experience?

1. 2-hour Zoom lesson

  • Attend a 2-hour live lesson with Uptin

2. Access to exclusive WhatsApp and Facebook communities with your classmates

  • Stay in touch with others all around the world who are also looking how to better communicate their brand. Share your progress, stories and challenges with one another - and if you're in the same country, arrange to meet up! Who knows, you might end up meeting a future friend or colleague!

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to communicate more effectively, whether it’s for an interview, presentation or job.

    Where are the live classes held?

    All our live classes are held on Zoom (and they're super interactive!). After completing the course, you will be given a recording of the live classes for future reference. You will also be added to our alumni community where you can learn more, participate in contests and find out about more classes!

      Why is it important that I join the WhatsApp group?

      At Nas Academy, we're all about people and community-based learning! In fact,the word "Nas" itself means "people" in Arabic. That's why we encourage interaction and building communities in every class. People have found lifelong friends and mentors through our WhatsApp groups. There is nothing more exciting than meeting new people from around the world – from Angola to Australia – to befriend, learn from and grow together.

        What are the benefits of attending the courses live?

        That's a great question! Nas Academy believes in going beyond just pre-recorded video lessons. Why? Because peer-to-peer learning has been shown to be one of the most powerful forms of learning. You will be able to ask questions, get live feedback, engage and connect with other people just like you from all over the world! Our live classes are a great way to get the most out of learning, meet new people and making new friends, relationships and connections - some that will last well beyond the class itself.

          What if I'm having technical problems? Who can I contact?

          Simply click the yellow chat widget on the bottom right hand corner of this browser or shoot us an email at hello@nasacademy.com

            We'll get back to you asap!

              Can I have access to the course recordings after the class?

              Yes! All participants will have lifetime access to the resources and class recordings.

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