How to 10x Your Followers with Instagram Reels



Tristan Zhou



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Who Is This For

Anyone who would like to grow their Instagram following and create viral Instagram reels


What I'll Teach

  • Practical tips for how to create epic Instagram Reels
  • How to 10x your followers on Instagram with Instagram Reels
  • Content ideas and principles to help you get started

About Me

Tristan Zhou

Tristan Zhou

Hi, I'm Tristan. I am a Chinese-American photographer and videographer who plays with form, volume, and perspective to set out a new vision for lifestyle and urban photography. Based in Seattle, I’ve worked with world-renowned brands like Google, HBO, Airbnb, Adobe among others. I am deeply attached to Asia, where I travel regularly and have undertaken various photography projects. My mission is to create something that is not only eye-catching but also meaningful and tells a story!

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