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About This Mastermind

Many YouTubers approach YouTube by creating videos, uploading them, and HOPING it works. This is not sustainable - and it’s very frustrating.It’s that sinking feeling of uploading a video and seeing that it ranks near the bottom. Having worked with thousands of channels across every niche and every subscriber count, I can tell you that the fastest way to burn out and give up on your YouTube dream is to create content without a solid plan.The big secret of YouTube is that every single channel is unique. So it makes sense that all of those blanket statements that get taught out there simply don't work for you.So let's change that. Let's stop doing the generic template approach, and learn how to know WHAT to create and WHEN to launch it for YOUR audience. That is exactly what you will learn in this Mastermind.I’m going to teach you channel growth strategies, so that your career can evolve and keep getting better. There are places to find growth strategies for free- but they’re not here to teach you the knowledge I know. This class isn’t surface level. I’m not going to teach you how to make a good thumbnail. We’re going to pull the data from your channel, analyze it, and then put that information to use by creating strategies that will drive audiences to your channel again and again. Rather than hoping your strategies work, you KNOW they will.Because I work with some of the biggest YouTube Creators on the platform, this mastermind is limited and reserved only for creators who are serious about their YouTube careers. My numbers prove the strategy works - channels I’ve consulted have consistently hit millions of followers. You’ll get personal input from me in three live sessions over three months. We’re going to work with your channel and build a strategy that works for you. If you are ready to focus heavily on your channel, make data-driven decisions to grow your audience, and earn more money in brand deals, then this is exactly where you should be. After you are done with this Mastermind, you will go from throwing ideas at the wall and being frustrated with the lack of views and subscribers, to someone who has a solid plan and knows exactly what works and what doesn't. This is NOT a get-views-quickly hack that you can find all over YouTube. This is a Mastermind where only a handful of serious creators are focused on one mission and one mission only: YouTube growth. This is my best course yet and contains the exact same info I teach my clients. And you get all of that for a tiny fraction of the price they pay! (shhh don't tell them...)Now is the time to ask youself this: Are you making a career out of YouTube that will provide income and freedom for you and your family, or are is YouTube just a fun little hobby? If you are the former, then you need to be in this Mastermind so that you can set yourself up for long-term YouTube success! I can’t wait to meet you!

What You’ll Learn

Define Your Audience

Understand who you’re targeting, what they’re looking for, and prioritize them over YouTube’s constantly changing algorithm.

Define Your Audience on YouTube

Create Content That Will Grow Your Audience

Identify golden video topics that will engage with your current subscribers and bring in new viewers to grow your channel

Create Content That Will Grow Your Audience

Define Your Channel’s Focus

Create a clear roadmap for your channel using frameworks that will grow engagement and streamline your content.

Define Your Channel’s Focus

Master Data Analytics and Actually Use It

Learn to focus on the YouTube analytics that actually matter to grow your channel without being overwhelmed.

Master Data Analytics and Actually Use It

Grow Beyond YouTube’s Algorithms

Beat the changing algorithm and discover the key to getting your content seen by audiences beyond your subscribers.

Grow Beyond YouTube’s Algorithms

Identify Blockers to Growth

Discover what is really stopping your channel from growing and remove those barriers to success.

Identify Blockers to Growth

Who You'll Become

A Confident & Smart Creator

Create content based on real data from your channel to keep your subscribers engaged.

A Confident & Smart Creator

The Owner of a Growing Channel

Master your niche and create content that grows your channel and appeals to both existing and new audiences.

The Owner of a Growing Channel

A Definitive Brand

Your brand is your strongest asset. Define it using data from YouTube analytics and through understanding your market.

A Definitive Brand
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30 seats available for The Ultimate YouTube Growth Mastermind

Get 3 live Workshop sessions for FREE (valued at $3000)

Liron’s consulted some of the top channels on YouTube. His clients have had their channels go from months of stagnation to seeing massive growth - even to millions of subscribers. You will get the same hands-on access that typically only Liron's clients get (and pay thousands of dollars for). Sign up for this class and you’ll get 3 live group sessions with Liron over 3 months to get your channel on the path to success. He’ll answer any questions you have and give advice firsthand - an experience worth $3,000!

Meet Your Instructor


Liron Segev

YouTube Growth Strategist & Consultant

When YouTubers reach a stagnant point of their career, when their views drop, when their audience has changed, or when their engagement is shrinking... they come to me for help.I’m Liron, a YouTube Growth Strategist that’s consulted the likes of Eh Bee Family (9.5M subscribers) and Preston Arsement (20M+ subscribers). I’ve given content strategy talks at VidCon and VidSummit. I have helped thousands of YouTubers identify their issues, find their “aha” moment, and really unlock their YouTube potential.And that is why I’m here today. Not knowing what to do next on your channel is one of the most frustrating parts of being a YouTube creator, but the key to growth goes beyond the algorithm or your current audiences. I’m going to teach you to read and understand your channel data, spot potential untapped markets, and finally overcome barriers to see sustainable growth for your channel. I am here to help you find clarity in your data, and enable you to understand what’s actually happening with your channel. You’ll also brand your channel and use that as another tool to see growth. I always wanted to teach more YouTubers like you how to create a long-lasting YouTube career. I know its not financially feasable for everyone to work with me one-on-one, so that is why I am so excited to put this Mastermind together.Join thousands of creators who have made a career out of YouTube using tactics that don’t change with every algorithm update. The data is right there for you - you just need to know how to use it.

Class Schedule

3 Monthly Check-Ins
3 x Monthly Mastermind Check-Ins

UTC Timezone

Virtual Meet on Zoom

01Make Smart Video Decisions

Content strategy is fundamentally different to content creation; before we learn what it takes to turn data into actionable insights, we need to understand and break the first lock - your audience. It is CRITICAL to understand WHO your audience is. This will be your guiding light and north star to how you strategize your content and channel.

How to understand the YouTube Playing Field

How to truly understand your audience (ft. Mark Harrison live channel audit)

How to find golden video topics that grow your channel

How to validate your avatar to grow your audience and avoid the data overload

02Find your Road Map

Learn to make sense of your YouTube data, how to optimize your content and channel, and how to better serve your audience.

How to be the channel your audience visits first

YouTube Analytics - Making data-driven decisions that grow your channel

How to keep moving forward

3 Resources

Framework to clearly define your channel and its focus

Worksheet to define your ideal viewer

Summary of YouTube Analytics definitions and how to turn data into insight

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Liron Segev

The Ultimate YouTube Growth Mastermind

with Liron Segev

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