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Learn How To Live More Sustainably

3-Hour Learning Experience

Come Up With an Action Plan By The End Of It

Find A Community To Do It With

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Message from me

Want to live sustainably and responsibly?Hi! I’m Lorena I’m a videomaker with a passion for sustainabilty. I started my social media channel over a year ago when I began sharing short videos on how to live more sustainably.On my sustainability journey, I’ve learnt that most people have a sense of responsibility and a willingness to change – but get stuck looking for guidance on how to start. That’s why I created this course! I’m going to give you all the knowledge you need to start living a green lifestyle. What’s even better, by signing up you will have instant access to an encouraging community to do it with you.


What I'll Teach

  • The Basics Of Sustainability
  • Things You Can Do To Lower Your Environmental Impact
  • Tackling The Climate Crisis As A Consumer
  • How To Avoid Greenwashing

next course period

Coming Soon...

Learn How To Live More Sustainably

3-Hour Learning Experience

Come Up With an Action Plan By The End Of It

Find A Community To Do It With

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Section 1

1. How Small Actions Matter

Many believe that their individual actions to go green will not matter in the grand scheme of things. In this section, learn about how our actions can change the world – and the statistics to prove it.

1. How Small Actions Matter
Section 2

2. Going Green: Terminology You Need To Know

Step 1 of living sustainably is to know key terms. Learn about important terms like ‘greenwashing,’ our ‘water footprint,’ ‘greenhouse gases,’ ‘plastic pollution,’ and ‘tipping points.’

2. Going Green: Terminology You Need To Know
Section 3

3. Examining What We Eat

Food waste, animal pollution, and food miles. Learn all this and more in this section where I tell you about the impact of our food choices and the necessary steps to becoming a more responsible eater.

3. Examining What We Eat
Section 4

4. Questioning Our Purchases

Even though people constantly talk about the damage that consumerism brings, few people break down practical steps for how to go about being more responsible when buying things. Learn to avoid specific things that cause the most environmental damage, and how you can find more sustainable replacements.

4. questioning our purchases
Section 5

5. The Reality Of Waste

Learn about what happens to all the things you throw away, its impact, and how you can avoid it. Answer difficult questions like whether it is truly possible to live a “zero-waste lifestyle” and what the practical, everyday steps to reduce waste are with the 5 R’s.

5. The Reality Of Waste
Section 6

6. Arm Yourself With The ‘CCC’

Learn about the systemic problems that contribute to the climate crisis, about whether there is anything we can do, and how we can shift ourselves and those around us to a more sustainble way of living.

6. Arm Yourself with the ‘CCC’
Section 7

7. Our Privilege - Let’s Get Into It

Should you be worried about the crisis? Will your individual actions ever change anything?

7. Our Privilege - Let’s Get Into It

About ME

Sustentófila undefined

nas daily
I’m a videomaker with a passion for sustainabilty. I edit videos for Nas Daily and Nas Academy, but I also have my own Spanish-speaking channel with over 480,000 followers. I truly believe that everyone can live responsibly and do their part in mitigating the climate crisis.

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All you need to know

What is the structure of this experience?

1. 3 hour lesson

    Attend a 3-hour live lesson with Lorena!

      2. Access to exclusive WhatsApp and Facebook communities with other people who want to go green!

        Stay in touch with others all around the world who are similarly committed to going green. Share your progress, stories and challenges with one another - and if you're in the same country, arrange to meet up! Who knows, you might end up meeting a future best friend or colleague!

          Who is this course for?

          This course is for anyone who wants to live more responsibly and wants to know where to start or wants to find a community.

            Where are the live classes held?

            All our live classes are held on Zoom (and they're super fun!). After completing the course, you will be given a recording of the live classes for future reference. You will also be added to our alumni community where you can learn more, participate in contests and find out about more classes!

              Why is it important that I join the WhatsApp group?

              At Nas Academy, we're all about people and community-based learning! In fact,the word "Nas" itself means "people" in Arabic. That's why we encourage interaction and building communities in every class. People have found lifelong friends and mentors through our WhatsApp groups. There is nothing more exciting than meeting new people from around the world – from Angola to Australia – to befriend, learn from and grow together.

                What are the benefits of attending the courses live?

                That's a great question! Nas Academy believes in going beyond just pre-recorded video lessons. Why? Because peer-to-peer learning has been shown to be one of the most powerful forms of learning. You will be able to ask questions, get live feedback, engage and connect with other people just like you from all over the world! Our live classes are a great way to get the most out of learning, meet new people and making new friends, relationships and connections - some that will last well beyond the class itself.

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