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Are you ready to meet the most confident, happiest, and most successful version of you?If you’re ready to invest in your growth, overcome your limiting blocks, and take charge of your career, this is the most important message you’ll read.Let's skip the long intro and cut straight to the chase. You've seen others confidently taking strides in their career development, oozing the confidence you wish you had… and you really want to do the same but have no idea how... If you've paid attention to my Instagram stories then you've seen that professionals everywhere are going nuts about this right now - cramming my inbox and comments with questions - and desperately trying to crack the secrets of success for their confidence and for their careers. It’s absolutely incredible what you can achieve when you have the know-how, proven tools, and support to speak up for what you want, advocate for yourself, overcome the limiting blocks and to finally take charge of your career. You feel differently, you show up differently, you behave differently - and people start to notice and treat you differently!Here's what I can Guarantee:This Masterclass is my best program so far.I'm giving you the best information — and all the information — to become the most confident, fulfilled, and successful version of yourself.I’m not holding back anything in this Masterclass.Every single secret and every strategy that has worked for me or for one of my clients is revealed and explained in detail so you can easily model it yourself.This class isn’t a bunch of abstract theory, but rather a “field guide” on how to gain the confidence, clarity, and capability at work to navigate your “oh crap, what now” moments and ditch the self-doubt to create the extraordinary life and career you deserve!I believe if any program is going to help you take your career to the next level, it's this one.So join me and other professionals in the community on this extraordinary 30-day journey to change your life – inside and out. There’s so much in life out of your control, but your career does not have to be one of them.

This Class Helps You

Take Back Control Over Your Career & Direction

Learn to define your voice and rewrite your narrative – no matter what stage you are in, in your career or your life.

Take Back Control Over Your Career & Direction

Say Bye to Self-Doubt & Imposter Syndrome

Overcoming that voice in your head is more important than you think: get started by using proven psychology-based techniques.

Say Bye to Self-Doubt & Imposter Syndrome

Stop Avoiding Conflict & Start Mastering It

Learn practical methods to de-escalate conflict and manage the expectations of others, including superiors and peers.

Stop Avoiding Conflict & Start Mastering It

Optimize Your Time & Maximize Productivity

Optimize your valuable time and banish procrastination by identifying key triggers and taking steps to prioritize tasks.

Optimize Your Time & Maximize Productivity

Use Key Words to Lead & Influence Others

Develop empathy, project confidence, and influence those around you to become a leader others want to rally behind.

Use Key Words to Lead & Influence Others

Boost Earning Potential & Career Opportuntiies

Secure your dream role and salary with these essential interview strategies and owning your first impression.

Boost Earning Potential & Career Opportuntiies

Tools You'll Create

Your Mission Statement

This description is you in a nutshell - use it to gain more clarity, boost your LinkedIn profile, and for memorable first impressions.

Your Mission Statement

Reframing Strategies

Learn practical strategies to catch negative internal dialogue before it takes over to avoid spiralling, all while projecting confidence and competence.

Reframing Strategies

Game Plan for Success

Rediscover your motivation, create unshakable momentum, andleap forward by creating realistic goals to build on your successes.

Game Plan for Success

Meet Your Instructor


Shadé Zahrai

Fortune 500 Leadership Strategist PhD Cand. MBA, LLB (Hons 1), BA-Psych, Dip Pos. Psych, IECL Certified Coach

I’m Shadé, an award-winning leadership strategist and peak performance educator to Global Fortune 500 companies. I’ve been called a leadership “alchemist” for my talent of translating psychology and neuroscience research into real, tangible strategies that will streamline your way to the career you’ve always dreamed! I’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the world - some of my clients include McDonald’s, J.P Morgan, Deloitte, Microsoft and so many more. I’ve been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, FastCompany, TED, MindValley, Vice and Yahoo. I don’t just work with Fortune 500 companies though - I work with workplaces that range from the most tenacious startups, all the way up to household names. My success lies in my scholar-practitioner approach: I take the theory and apply it in practical, realistic ways. My methods have transformed the lives of thousands of professionals - and now, it’s your turn.

Nuseir Yassin
Live session with Shadé

Special bonus to the value of $5,000

Shadé’s presentation skills have taken her across the globe. She’s given TEDx Talks and presents to top leaders of Fortune 500 companies. Shadé’s skill lies in her methodolgy being grounded in science and psychology research, which she applies to her methodologies and practical solutions every step of the way. Rather than relying purely on guesswork or experience, she prefers to back-up her strategies with proven evidence. Sign up for the first class and you’ll get to join Shadé in a live session. She’ll answer any questions you have and give advice firsthand - an experience worth up to $5,000!

Class Schedule

3 Live Sessions
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Graduation Live Session

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Live Session with Shade

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01Find Your North Star

How do you measure success? Answering this question may unearth some uncomfortable truths. Uncover your purpose and craft your mission statement by finding your North Star - a guiding light that encapsulates your truth and values. When your career aligns with your North Star, finding fulfilment is that much simpler.

Module Introduction & What to Expect

What does it mean to lead a fulfilling career

Getting clear on your career values

Crafting a killer mission statement

Developing your ‘career narrative’

02What Holds You Back

Identify the problem is the first step to removing it as a barrier. Transform self-doubt, imposter syndrome, anxiety, and perfectionism using frameworks and transformational language.

Module Introduction & What to Expect

Transforming self-doubt

Transforming perfectionism

Transforming imposter syndrome

Transforming your need for approval

Transforming anxiety & overthinking

03Communication and Relationships

Communication is one of the most important parts of being a successful professional. We dive into developing different areas of communication, from transforming your language, communicating 1:1, and speaking in a way that makes you heard.

Module Introduction & What to Expect

Transform your credibility through language

Transform your visibility in meetings

Transforming your presentations

Transforming your 1-to-1 communication

Transforming your first Impressions & networking prowess

04Productivity, Goals & Momentum

Banish procrastination, anxiety, and fears of success (yes, it’s a thing!) by reframing your inner voice, all while setting goals and building your momentum to hit milestone after milestone.

Module Introduction & What to Expect

Maximisze your motivation

The art of prioritization

Time management techniques

Overcoming procrastination

The biggest goal-setting mistake

The ‘right’ way to set goals


You’re going to encounter conflict at some point in your career - what’s important is how you respond to it. Diffuse unexpected triggers, de-escalate confrontation, and learn the art of graciously giving and receiving feedback.

Module Introduction & What to Expect

Receiving feedback

Giving feedback

Diffuse unexpected triggers with magic phrases

Conflict de-escalation framework

Dealing with a toxic person or workplace

Setting boundaries at work

06Strengths, Influence & Leadership

What makes a leader? How can you tap into your strengths and become a person that people will follow? Take a deep-dive into the answers and discover the secrets to leadership that all innovators and trailblazers know

Module Introduction & What to Expect

Playing to your ‘REAL‘ strengths

Be a leader others want to rally behind

Direct influence techniques

Indirect influence techniques

Transforming your leadership presence

07Interviews and Negotiating

Excel in interviews with methods to prepare you for every stage of the process. Negotiate like a pro to get the salary and raise you deserve.

Module Introduction & What to Expect

Preparation, Mindset & The Expert Approach

Templates to effectively answer common interview questions

Addressing Gaps in your employment timeline

How to Follow-up after the Interview

Negotiation scripts and templates

Raise Scripts & Templates


Template Scripts to manage conflict with employees and managers

Template Scripts to communicate and influence better as a leader

Template Scripts to prepare for interviews

Frameworks to identify your purpose, values, goals, and mission statement

Scripts and phrases to communicate and network with confidence

Frameworks to maximise productivity and eliminate procrastination

Scripts and phrases to give/receive feedback and manage conflict

Scripts and phrases to influence and lead others as an employee or manager

Scripts and phrases to better prepare for interviews and negotiation

and much more!

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If you are serious about making 2022 the year for you...

...and finally becoming your most confident, self-assured and successful version of yourself ready to be activated for the rest of your professional life,I'll see you there!ShadéPhD Cand. MBA, LLB (Hons 1), BA-Psych,Dip Pos. Psych, IECL Certified Coach


Supercharge Your Career Growth

with Shadé Zahrai

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