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Amazing things happen when your followers turn into community members and connect with each other



You Host on Our Platform – We Do The Rest

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We handle the backend, the tech, the specifics, booking guest speakers, and all of the logistics – so that you can focus on the people. We have options for you to build a fully managed community where our managers do it all for you, or a self-serve option where you can use our tools and platforms, and take control of building it yourself!

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Communities are a natural extension of connecting to your audience. It also allows you to discover new followers by tapping into our global student and instructor base. We help you grow in new ways, create your biggest fans, empower and reward your loyal community, and build a network of minds that will inspire you to come up with new ideas all the time.

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We create opportunities for high-quality interaction between you and your members, and for them to engage with pre-curated content (that you don’t have to make!). Everything from free access to learning content, discounted classes, printables, to live sessions with industry professionals – this is the perfect way to increase your audience retention rates.

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Communities have the potential to boost the sales of your content or product by as much as 20%. With the right platform, communities can become one of your most powerful revenue streams that also helps grow awareness for your brand.

We Cover All The Features:

Dedicated Community Manager

You don’t have time to manage a platform. That’s why we appoint a community manager to do it all for you – so you can just focus on enjoying your community.

Page Setup & Hosting

You don’t have to know anything about coding or hosting a platform to start your community. Leave the tech and web development to our experts!

Global Payments

No idea how to handle or process payments online? We’ve got you. We handle everything from local to global payments in all types of currencies (including crypto).

Access to Learning Content

Your members will get access to some of the most popular Nas Academy classes. With this, they can further upskill and even attribute their success to your community.

Access to a Community Chat

From Telegram to WhatsApp to discord, Nas Academy helps you integrate with any communication tool so your members can have the easiest way to communicate.

Live Zoom Sessions With Experts

We host weekly or bi-weekly sessions with industry professionals for everyone in the community to attend (recordings are shared with anyone who can’t make it).

Resources & PDF Printables

From workbooks, to guides and templates, your community will have access to carefully designed content that will be easy and convenient for them to refer back to.

Own the community

Unlike Facebook and Discord, we give you unlimited analytics and the ability to move your members anywhere. You should own the community you’re building!

Discounted Nas Academy Classes

Members will have discounted access to a library of over 100 different classses taught by global experts ranging from content creation, business, to crypto.

Why Communities?

Brands all around the world from Facebook, to WhatsApp are going all in by releasing community features. And there’s a reason for it! Communities help us create long-lasting connections and has even proven to increase brand revenue by as much as 20%So whatever your mission is in 2022, try Communities.We’re here to help every step of the way.


A strong community is worth a thousand marketing campaigns-Nas Daily

Community packages

Choose Your Type

build it for you

We Build it For You

Our classic Community model where our expert team builds and manages everything for you, from the ground up.

Build a community on our platform

Get featured on our community page

We set up your platform

We create customized resources

We host Zoom sessions with your members

Managers and facilitators help run the show

Or Build it Yourself

Or Build it Yourself

We also offer you the chance to build your own community. We give you the tools and hosting you need, you do the rest!

Build a community on our platform

Get featured on our community page

You set up your platform

You create yout own resources

You host Zoom sessions with your members

You run the show

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Build Your Community With Us

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