What it takes to be aPro Footballer



Soheil Var



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Who Is This For

For those interested in becoming a professional athelete, or even those interested in self improvement, both physical and mental


What I'll Teach

  • The physical aspect of being an athlete
  • The psychological aspect of being an athlete
  • The power of networking to become a pro athlete

About Me


Soheil Var

Hey, I'm Soheil Var! I’m a footballer and I'm documenting my journey to signing a pro football contract on social media. I started playing recreational soccer in Ottawa, Canada, when I was in middle school but, I never got the chance to play in an academy or high-level club. Eventually, I made the last spot on my university soccer team. I got cut after 1-year and then decided to fly to Europe to achieve this dream. After many obstacles, I started my journey on the field and on social media where I've built up to now getting over 15,000,000 views every month!

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