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Smile Squad Elite

The Ultimate Bundle of Viral Content Creation. Get every one of our workshops, live feedback sessions, and more!What’s included:All 3 of our workshops: Hook Your Audience Workshop (Worth $199); Retain Your Audience Workshop (Worth $199); 2-day Editing Workshop (Worth $398)PLUS 3 live feedback sessions with creators

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What's Included

  • Live Access

    The workshops will be a four-hour live each session

  • Live Feedback

    Practice your acting, editing and scripting with live feedback

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime access to the class recording

  • Exclusive Community

    The Smile Squad Academy Elite Facebook Group

Hook Your Audience Workshop

Next Course Date: 5th Nov 2021 (5-9pm PST)Hooking your audience starts before the camera even comes out. A Good Hook begins when you create titles, scenes, and setup. This step is the step we see almost every aspiring creator skip. By the time you are done here, you will know how to hook your audience before you even pick up the camera. This right here is your unfair advantage!


What We'll Teach

  • How to hook your audience
  • Get people clicking on your video
  • Create a winning video
  • The formula that creates views
Retain Your Audience Workshop

Next Course Date: 12th Nov 2021 (5-9pm PST)Once you get your audience viewing your video, you need to keep them watching. This is done through acting, production, filming, and action. But Social media is ever-changing; the requirements, however aren't.There are some basics steps that so many aspiring creators fail to adhere to. Then they wonder why people are viewing but leave. Acting for social media is different than traditional acting, so are the production techniques, but we will make sure you have a strong foundation by the time you are done.


What We'll Teach

  • How to keep your viewers watching
  • How to direct yourself and others
  • Use emotion and action to tell a story
  • Use Action to tell a story
Editing Workshop

Next Course Date: 19th & 20th Nov (5-9pm PST)Editing is your special weapon; it makes your one takes action-filled. It keeps the viewer engaged and can save you when you mess up a take. However, the essential skills that every successful creator uses are never spoken of. The real heroes of editing are found in a few skills everyone uses. , by the time you are done, you will understand what those skills are and how to use them.


What We'll Teach

  • Editing and filming for social media
  • The skills that no one talks about
  • Proper filming to decrease your editing
  • The Smile Squad tricks to editing

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We took 4 years, and had countless failures, to crack the code and reach 13M subscribers and 5B views. Now, we want to share our secret formula with you.

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