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How to Run Your Own Airbnb Business



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You’ll Learn How To

Add Income Streams

Diversify your revenue sources and achieve financial freedom

Add Income Streams

Get Started Today

Start renting now with any space and start getting returns on your property or room

Get Started Today

Price Your Properties

Get more customers while increasing your prices using marketing and styling tactics

Price Your Properties

Drive More Bookings

Ensure constant occupancy even during low seasons and secure your income stream year-round

Drive More Bookings

Multiply Your Properties

Get exclusive investor tips on multiplying your investments

Multiply Your Properties

Become the Best Host

Learn how to get top reviews and be the first rental customers see when searching for properties

Become the Best Host

Become Someone Who

Is an Investor

Go from making a few hundred dollars to earning a 6-figure income from Airbnb rentals

Is an Investor

Runs an online business

Build a global business through vacation rentals and manage as many properties as you like

Runs an online business

Has a global network

Join a community of hosts from all over the world and get lifetime advice, support, and referrals

Has a global network

Meet Your Instructor


Silvia Baena

Airbnb Superhost

Hi! My name is Silvia, and I’m going to teach you how you can make 6 figures a year by becoming a property host on Airbnb.Is this my full-time job? Nope. I’m the Head of Sales Programs at a big tech company, but I also own and manage my own business with Airbnb vacation rental properties. This means I get to travel around the world while running my business and doing my job.People often suggest that you should diversify your income and create multiple revenue streams. So in this class, I actually show you how to do just that. And the best part is that you don’t even need to own your own house! In fact, I started as a student, with zero income and zero properties. How did I do it? I rented out my single room when I traveled, and I’ll teach you how to start with nothing too.This class is where you will learn the entire behind-the-scenes process of building a successful business on Airbnb: from choosing the right property to understanding the financial aspect of property management, and finally start your own business! Invest in this strategy and achieve the financial freedom people dream about.

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How To Increase Your Bookings Through Better Photos


How To Be A Great Host


How To Get Yourself To The Superhost Status


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01Getting Started With Rentals

Find out how it’s possible to own your first Airbnb listing WITHOUT needing to take out a mortgage. I’ll also share how I got started in this business, where I went from making a few hundred dollars to earning a 6-figure income.

Welcome Video

Module 1 Part 1: How To Make Airbnb A Smart Investment

Module 1 Part II: How To Make Airbnb A Smart Investment

02Decorating Your Property

There are different decoration styles that can make your short-term rental stand out and attract new guests. You’ll learn how to create added value for travelers in your area while sticking to a budget for decor and remodeling.

Module 2: I Have A Property, Let's Start Decorating!

03Create a Listing That Shines!

Let’s get practical and start setting up your new account and create a listing. You’ll have to define your Airbnb Picture Strategy, to get beautiful and professional photos of your place, and then start getting bookings.

Module 3: Create A Listing That Stands Out

04Hosting Different Guests

To get glowing reviews, you have to be a good host. More specifically, you can provide a consistent 5-star experience by learning how to host different kinds of travelers, manage their expectations, and generally better communicate with people.

Module 4 Part I: How To Host International Travellers And Get Five-Star Reviews

05Becoming a Superhost

This is where you’ll learn how to level up your hosting game and get to the most desired status in the Airbnb community: becoming a Superhost. But not only that, you will also know how to get your listing selected for the luxury segment of Airbnb called Airbnb Plus.

Module 4 Part II: How To Use Technology To Streamline Your Operations As A Host

06Complete Your Listing

Now’s the time to take everything you’ve learned about becoming an Airbnb rental business owner, and put it to use! Complete an exercise to trail-list your first Airbnb property and get feedback on it.

Module 5: How To Level Up Your Hosting Game

2 Resources

Shopping List

Airbnb Sample Listing Description

5 Exercises

Let's Do Some Research

Design Your Own Space

Create A Listing That Stands Out

Define Your Potential GUests

Becoming A Superhost

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Become an Airbnb Superhost

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