How To Launch ASuccessful PFP NFTCollection



Salman Shawaf



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Who Is This For

Anyone (from project founder to NFT enthusiast) who is interested in investing or starting their own collection.


What I'll Teach

  • How I launched a sold-out collection
  • Tips when building your team
  • What I think makes a great PFP NFT project

About Me


Salman Shawaf

Hi, I'm Salman. When I first got into the NFT space, I was overwhelmed by the number of projects that were out there. The issue was that I couldn't resonate with any of them: that's when I began thinking from a builder's perspective. My thought process was that if I was feeling this way, there must be plenty of others. So, I decided to combine my love for web3, my belief in a decentralized future, and my deep appreciation for the hippie culture of love, peace, and kindness to create a PFP (profile picture) collection. Reading up on the hippie movement of the 60s was very aspiring to him, especially the 'make love, not war' sentiment. The idea of anti-government, power back to the people, and removing the 'middle man' are also themes we hear often in the web3 world. That's when I decided to combine the word 'Digital' and 'Hippie' to create 'Dippies' thus combining both themes into a singular force that has a purpose, a community, and a solid foundation.

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