NFTEASY: A Beginner's Guide to NFTs with Randi Zuckerberg


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Crypto and NFTs

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What You'll Learn

Get on the Blocktrain

Learn 11 of the most useful crypto terms that’ll make the blockchain a piece of cake

Get on the Blocktrain

What’s in that NFTea

What are NFTs, why they give artists a power boost, and 3 golden rules for smart buyers

What’s in That NFTea

Art is Just the Start

Learn the applications of NFTs across industries from branding to gaming, plus a history lesson

Art is Just the Start

How to Shop for NFTs

My NFTs and why I bought them, what to expect from your faves, and how to score the best value

How to Shop for NFTs

Miss the Mistakes

Skip the growing pains and avoid the mistakes most people make when starting out

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Careers of the Future

Discover the different careers available in NFTs, DAOs and Web3 and how to get involved

How to make a career in Web3

Who You'll Become

Hold the Room

Hold your own in conversations about Crypto, NFTs, and Web3 so you won’t be left out

Casual Conversationalist

A Savvy NFT Shopper

Learn how to identify and evaluate the most exciting NFT projects out there

A Savvy NFT Shopper

The Best Candidate

Get insight into the places offering Web3 jobs, and learn what you need to snap them up

A Strong Applicant for Web3 Jobs

Your Teacher

Randi Zuckerberg

Randi Zuckerberg

Crypto Investor

Hi! I’m Randi Zuckerberg, CEO of Zuckerberg Media, mother of 3, and passionate NFT collector.Here’s the situation: Only 5% of crypto investors are women. The numbers for other minorities are even lower. I'm sick and tired of women and minorities being left out of the biggest wealth-creation industries.We have a choice. We can either keep trying to 'catch up' - OR we can get in at the ground-effing-floor. Because crypto is so new, it’s also an opportunity to get in NOW and get that number UP!So, I wanted to create a space where beginners, women, and EVERYBODY who feels left out of this space can join in, learn, and take part in the opportunities crypto has to offer.So, let’s take some space at that table.

Some of My NFT Collection

Class Samples

How I Got Started


Buying NFTs


Careers In The Web3 Space


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01I Spill the NFTea

Crypto is at the ground floor, which is why we need to get in now before we have to play catch up, like in every other wealth-creating industry. This is something I believe in, and today I’ll tell you why.


My Career, Learnings, and Insights

The Landscape for Women in Tech: Problems and Opportunities

02What Do They Put in Those Things?

My passion lies at the intersection of art and tech, a space that NFTs occupy. These JPEGs that cost thousands of dollars are changing tech and how the internet works, which is why we need to understand it so that we can actively participate in the future.

Basics and Terminologies Surrounding Crypto

Dive into Web3, Blockchain, and Ethereum, and Why it Matters

What are NFTs and How Do They Work?

How to Find and Evaluate the Value of an NFT

03We Put the Fun in Fungible

But how do we even know which NFTs are worth buying and which ones are ripping us off? We need to become informed buyers if we’re going to compete in this industry, and today you're going to learn how.

Opening Your NFT Wallet

Shopping and Trading NFTs

The Future of NFTs

Supporting Women Through NFTs

04(NF)Tea Time With Friends

Behind the screens are real people who have formed communities, based around crypto. These communities have created careers and support networks within NFT spaces, which can lead you to a world of opportunity for success. Let’s meet the people behind those screens.

Career Opportunities in NFTs, Web3, and Crypto Spaces

Skills to Prepare for Different Jobs in Crypto

Navigating Barriers as Women in Tech

The Power of Community, and People You Should Follow

4 Exercises

Find Your ‘Why’

Dipping Your Toes Into The NFT Space

How To Spot A Valuable NFT

Time To Get Into The Space

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