What Is De-Fi And HowDoes It Work?



Raja Srivastav



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Who Is This For

For anyone who is curious about and wants to better understand the world of web3 and decentralized finance.


What I'll Teach

  • What is Web3 and Crypto? Why you should be excited!
  • How people are generating passive income through Crypto
  • What are some of the problems that exist in the world of Crypto right now?

About Me


Raja Srivastav

Hi, I am Raja. My professional journey began after my Master's from Stanford. Since then I’ve been many things - a Marketer, A Coder, A Data Scientist, A Product Manager and a CEO. I believe you can make disproportional returns when there is an asymmetry of knowledge and that's what propelled me into the world of Crypto & Web3. Being a coder and techie, I understand these technologies from the ground up. I have been an investor in this space since 2016. I’ve seen the plateaus of 2018 and the bull runs of 2020! I'm not a part of any Venture Capital firm. I have no vested interest in seeing these technologies blow up nor am I the pessimist who thinks it's all going to go down in a bubble. I am a careful investor who sees opportunities in new technology and that’s what I am going to show you! I will help YOU unravel the world of web3 & crypto in simple English with real-world examples. All this so that you can be confident in your decisions and actions in this fast-changing world of crypto!

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