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Learn How To Have On-Camera Presence Like Project Nightfall

In A 4-Hour Learning Experience

You’ll Get Practical Exercises And Tips To Become More Confident

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Unstoppable Confidence
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Nightfam! I’m so thrilled to share everything I know about being confident with you. Growing up, I was never confident. Whether it was body insecurity issues or being socially anxious, I’ve always struggled to put myself out there. 7 years and 9 million followers later, as I look back at my social media journey, I realize that none of this would’ve happened had I not learned to be confident.

In this course, I will teach you practical tips to boost your confidence. I will also help you understand the psychology of your viewers and the power of creating relatable content.

I’m also excited to share my knowledge of how social media algorithms work so you can build content with the best possible chance of success. There are confidence exercises, cheatsheets, and many more resources included in this course to help YOU get UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE!

Project Nightfal

What I'll Teach

  • Identifying the different personality types
  • Learn 14 practical tips for self-confidence
  • Understand Social Media algorithms and psychology of viewers
  • Power of vulnerability & authenticity in content

What's Included

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime access to course videos

  • Monthly Meetups

    Monthly meetups with Project Nightfall

  • Live Q&A

    Live Q&A sessions to get feedback on your work

  • Exclusive WhatsApp

    Join an exclusive WhatsApp group with a dedicated trainer

  • Resources

    Course exercises and cheatsheets to help in your journey

Coming Soon...

Learn How To Have On-Camera Presence Like Project Nightfall

In A 4-Hour Learning Experience

You’ll Get Practical Exercises And Tips To Become More Confident

AND Get Personal Feedback


How Confidence Helped Me Grow Over 9M Followers

You don’t need a big budget or fancy equipment to start your social media creator journey. I will teach you how you only need the power of self-confidence to reach a wider audience on any platform. We will also look at some common misconceptions about confidence.

Reaching 4 Billion Views From My Bedroom

Reaching 4 Billion Views From My Bedroom

How On-Camera Confidence Affects Your Views

How On-Camera Confidence Affects Your Views

The Biggest Misconception About Confidence

The Biggest Misconception About Confidence

14 Practical Tips For Self-Confidence

Your personality type can help determine your ‘type of confidence.’ I’ll give you practical tips that you can use to build your self confidence on social media and in real life, as well as explain how sound is important for helping you appear more confident.

The ‘Type Of Confidence’ For Your Personality

The ‘Type Of Confidence’ For Your Personality

Here’s How You Can Perform Better On Camera

Here’s How You Can Perform Better On Camera

How I Manifested My Success

How I Manifested My Success

I Grew By 50% Through Confidence In Social Media Algorithms

You can have the best script, the best topics, and the best on-camera presence but if you don’t know how your social media platform works, you’re going to lose out on a lot of views. I'm going to teach you how gaining confidence in social media algorithms helped me grow by 50%.

Understanding The Psychology Of Your Viewers

Understanding The Psychology Of Your Viewers

How Colors Can Determine Your Brand’s Success

How Colors Can Determine Your Brand’s Success

Why Your Social Media Content Needs More Emotion

Why Your Social Media Content Needs More Emotion

The Power Of Creating Authentic Content

When I started my content journey, I wasn’t aware that I could reach millions of people with my videos, let alone change their lives. Since then, I’ve realized what a privilege it is for me to be able to create content and get a chance to connect with people around the world.

THIS Is When You’re Truly Confident

THIS Is When You’re Truly Confident

Why Creating Meaningful Content Matters

Why Creating Meaningful Content Matters


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Who Is This For?

If you are...

Looking To Build On-Screen Confidence

Project Nightfall will walk you through his personal tips to help you build confidence on screen.

Hoping To Grow Your Online Presence

Building self-confidence can help you grow your online presence and Project Nightfall will teach you exactly how to do this.

Interested In Creating Effective Content

Let Project Nightfall help you understand how to create effective content that social media algorithms will love.

About The Creator

Agon Hare


dear alyne
Working on building my self-confidence has helped me create videos that make a positive impact on the world. Today, my online family, NightFam, is 9 million people strong and I couldn’t be more proud. I’m excited to share all my knowledge with you and help YOU become the best version of yourself!

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All you need to know

What is Unstoppable Confidence about?

In this on-demand course, Agon of Project Nightfall (@projectnightfall on Instagram) will take you through tips and tricks for how to build your confidence on-camera.

    Over the years, Agon has worked with different creators grow their brand following through helping them build their on-camera confidence and honing their unique personality.

      He then applied these very same lessons and experiences to Project Nightfall, which has grown to a whopping 10M followers across social platforms in a year alone!

        In this course, Agon will share these same practical lessons and tips he believes can not only help YOU grow self-confidence, but help those who wish to be creators build a successful brand.

          Who is this class for?

          You! Anyone can join this class.

            We’ve had people from a variety of backgrounds join this class- some are aspiring creators, but we’ve also had others who have no experience in creating and are simply struggling with confidence. We’ve also had some who are already successful in their careers, and have used this course for tips on how to reach out to more people and improve their presentation skills.

              The Unstoppable Confidence course contains practical tips for how everyone can come across more confident and assured.

                *Note that we require students to be at least 16 and above when they enroll as per our enrollment policy.

                  How long is this course? What is the time commitment like?

                  The course is about 1 hour 10 minutes long.

                    However, as it is an on-demand course, you can feel free to break it up and watch it at your own pace.

                      While the course can be watched anytime and anywhere, we've also included a live experience that will add value to your learning. Each cohort will be invited to 3x 30-min live sessions (Orientation, Q&A and Graduation) which you can look forward to and meet your classmates! These live sessions give you the full Nas Academy experience- where you can learn at your own pace, but still get the timely feedback and community support you need.

                        Once you enroll, you will be given full access to the course as well as course materials like cheat sheets and activity sheets via your student portal. You can then access the on-demand course anytime, anywhere on any device as long as you have stable internet connection.

                          You’ll also be invited to join your cohort’s WhatsApp group where you can interact with other aspiring learners and creators! If you join your cohort’s WhatsApp group, you’ll be able to share your ongoing work and receive feedback both from your peers and your instructors.

                            Every cohort will have 2x live courses which you can attend! You can ask the trainer any questions you have and meet your classmates. Here at the people's Academy, we believe in the value peer-to-peer learning, so you are highly encouraged to attend these sessions and go through the activities to maximise your learning experience.

                              What other kind of support is available after I complete the class?

                              You’ll be enrolled in our alumni group where you can continue your learning journey with like-minded creators and further improve your skills.

                                Our alumni network have access to monthly learning labs, available job vacancies, monthly contests (where you stand to win prizes like drones!) and even virtual meet-and-greets!

                                  What if I am unhappy with my purchase?

                                  We offer a full money back guarantee. If you find that it hasn't met your expectations, simply drop us a note after you've participated through all the lessons in the workshop and we’ll refund your full class amount.

                                    How long do I have access to the class videos?

                                    Yes, you will have lifetime access to the videos, the slides of the lesson and the Nas Academy community. You will be able to use these as a resource for the rest of your content creation career.

                                      What tools and equipment do I need for this class?

                                      All you need is a device (a laptop, tablet or even a phone) to watch the pre-recorded videos (with stable Internet, of course!).

                                        Unlike the Creator Masterclass, This class does not require you to have any camera or editing software. You are encouraged to simply use your camera on your phone to film.

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