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Nightfam! I’m so thrilled to share everything I know about being confident with you. Growing up, I was never confident. Whether it was body insecurity issues or being socially anxious, I’ve always struggled to put myself out there. 7 years and 9 million followers later, as I look back at my social media journey, I realize that none of this would’ve happened had I not learned to be confident.In this course, I will teach you practical tips to boost your confidence. I will also help you understand the psychology of your viewers and the power of creating relatable content.I’m also excited to share my knowledge of how social media algorithms work so you can build content with the best possible chance of success. There are confidence exercises, cheatsheets, and many more resources included in this course to help YOU get UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE!

What You’ll Learn

The Best Ways to Post on Social Media

Work with social media algorithms to get your content seen

he Best Ways to Post on Social Media

Captivating Stage Presence

Perform and speak with the confidence of a master

Stage Presence

Class Samples

About the course


What's your type of on-camera personality?


Confidence in social media algorithms


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01Confidence Types

Confidence comes in different forms for different personalities. Let’s figure out what works best for YOU.

How Confidence Helped Me Grow Over 9M Followers

14 Practical Tips For Self-Confidence

02Confidence on Social Media

Algorithms can really mess up your social media presence if you get them wrong. Discover the joys of creating content for social media and seeing your platform grow.

I Grew By 50% Through Confidence In Social Media Algorithms

The Power Of Creating Authentic Content

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About Me

Agon Hare

Agon Hare

Project Nightfall

Working on building my self-confidence has helped me create videos that make a positive impact on the world. Today, my online family, NightFam, is 9 million people strong and I couldn’t be more proud. I’m excited to share all my knowledge with you and help YOU become the best version of yourself!

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Become a Better Creator

Become a Better Creator

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