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Pratik Thakker



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Who Is This For

For anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd and grab attention with an eye-catching and high-quality LinkedIn profile.


What I'll Teach

  • How to use LinkedIn for Job Search & Career Development
  • How to create your personal brand on LinkedIn
  • How to use LinkedIn for lead generation.
  • Learn some hidden secrets to succeeding on LinkedIn

About Me


Pratik Thakker

Hi, I'm Pratik. I have an incredible following on LinkedIn and other social channels with over 170K followers and 150+ million views. As a Founder and CEO at Webzoly, I am helping global companies hire remote talent. From a young kid selling firecrackers to pickles, a teenage salesman to the stock trader and analyst, sailing through storms, from India to Israel, this is an extraordinary success journey of a digital and tech entrepreneur who started as a cleaner in Israel to working in multiple tech start-ups, Founding a company to becoming Israel tech ambassador to India, Becoming Israel’s top LinkedIn Influencers with over a hundred thousand followers to Indian Achievers’ award winner. My career journey has been a roller-coaster achieving extraordinary success and aiming for greater heights.

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