The Polygon Masterclass

What You’ll Learn

Introduction to Polygon

Learn what you can do with Polygon, its currency and what you need to become a Polygon developer.

Introduction to Polygon

How to Build dApps

Become a Polygon architect with skills like the Polygon Faucet, Polygon gas station, SDK, wallets, networks and more.

How to Build dApps

NFT Trading on Polygon

You’ll get a walkthrough of all the steps involved in NFT minting and trading.

NFT Trading on Polygon

Who This is For

Web2 developers looking to transition into the Web3 space

Web3 developers looking to build dApps on Polygon

Developers who are looking to mint & trade on Polygon

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What is Polygon?




Polygon is a decentralized scaling platform. As a layer 2 solution, it works on top of an existing blockchain network (rather than using its own blockchain). In this instance, Polygon currently works on top of Ethereum, and it aims to make transactions on Ethereum faster and done at a fraction of the cost. Polygon enables developers to build scalable, user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees – without ever sacrificing on security. Over 7,000+ dApps have used Polygon to scale their performance.

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