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5 Day Learning Experience With Anthony

2 Live Sessions

4 Hours Of On Demand Lessons

Get Access To A Community Of Designers


How To Draw From Your Imagination

Ever wondered who was behind the iconic creatures in films like The Avengers, Black Panther and Guardians Of The Galaxy? Well, look no further. In this class, you will learn from none other than Anthony Francisco - a Senior Visual Development Artist At Marvel Studios. He will not only show you his method for designing iconic creatures like Baby Groot, but also teach complete beginners his simple 3-step process on how to draw. This is a unique and rare experience with both Anthony and his trainers that can help you create your own custom creature.

4 hours of video lessons.

2 live online experiences with trainers to create your own creatures & get feedback.

1 live meet & greet with Anthony Francisco. Hear his feedback on your creatures!

What You Will Learn

The 3-Step Process To Take You From Beginner To Artist!

How To “Cook” Your Own Creature From Scratch

Tried & Tested Techniques Anthony Uses At Marvel

Anthony’s Method To Bring Who You Are Into Your Art

What’s included

Live Classes Where You Get To Meet Other Aspiring Artists

Monthly Meetups With Anthony To Show Him Your Progress And Creature Creations!

Personalised Feedback On your Creature!

Access To Anthony & Hear His Insider Tips As A Concept Artist At Marvel

100% money back guarantee

5 Day Learning Experience With Anthony

2 Live Sessions

4 Hours Of On Demand Lessons

Get Access To A Community Of Designers


1. Why You Can Do It

Meet your teacher, Anthony Francisco, a prolific Senior Visual Design Artist at Marvel Studios. He is known for his work as the “Father Of Baby Groot” as well as the illustrator behind the Dora Milaje’s costumes. In this section, he gives an overview of the course while sharing his journey – including his first break as an artist.

Why You Can Do It
Why You Can Do It

15 min 42 secs

2. The 3 Drawing Fundamentals

Some believe that if you can’t explain it simply, you simply don’t understand it well enough. In his 20 years as a visual artist, Anthony has distilled drawing into 3 simple exercises almost anyone can do that can take you from complete beginner to an artist. In this video, he also introduces his wife, who is living proof of effective these exercises are.

The 3 Drawing Fundamentals
The 3 Drawing Fundamentals

51 min

3. Cooking Up Your Creature

If asked to recreate iconic creatures in film, one may not even know where to begin. In this section, this is why Anthony systematically breaks down how he constructed some of his most iconic monsters and even gives you a sneak peek into his research and character development process.

Cooking Up Your Creature
Cooking Up Your Creature

42 min 35 secs

4. Lessons As A Concept Artist

They say you should learn the trade before learning the tricks of the trade. Now that we’ve gone through the fundamentals, Anthony uses this last section to share the tricks and lessons he learnt in his 20 years as a Filipino visual design artist. He imparts what he believes to be the key skills needed to become successful in the industry.

Lessons As A Concept Artist
Lessons As A Concept Artist

16 min 42 secs

Course Structure

Video Lessons

Watch the 4 course videos anytime, anywhere

Live Class 1: Cook Your Creature (1h)

Work on your creature illustration blueprint with your classmates and trainer.

Live Class 2: Present Your Creature (1h)

Present your creatures, get feedback from your trainer and also see your classmates’ work!

Monthly Meet & Greet With Anthony (1h)

Where the best creatures will be presented to Anthony himself! In this session, you can also ask Anthony anything you want.

Live Sessions

Nas Academy believes that peer-to-peer learning dramatically improves your learning. Did you know that this academy also comes with 2 live online classes? Join these live sessions to meet other artists from all over the world and trainers who can give you personalised feedback on your drawing.

You Will Get:

  • A Monthly Meetup With Anthony To Show Him Your Progress

  • A Live Session To Demonstrate Key Illustration Techniques

  • A Graduation Ceremony To Celebrate Your Big Day!


You’ll get to meet visual artists just like you! That’s because you’ll have access to an exclusive community of people from all over the world. So, you can learn, network and grow as an artist – long after the course gets over.

What Is In For You:

  • Connect with classmates worldwide in an exclusive WhatsApp group

  • Join a dedicated Facebook group for regular contests and activities.

  • Access to members-only discounts on other courses and private events

Who Is This For?

If you are...

An Art Student

This class will help kickstart your learning experience by giving you the right fundamental skills.

A Beginner

This class is geared towards helping artists of all skill levels, even if you're just starting out.

A Concept Artist

This class should make it easier for you to navigate your way through the industry.

About The Creator

Anthony Francisco

anthony francisco
Anthony Francisco, aka "Visual Father of Baby Groot", is a Senior Visual Development Artist at Marvel Studios. During his 20-year career, he has designed several iconic works such as the costume Loki donned for Thor Ragnarok and the Dora Milaje warrior suit from Black Panther.


All you need to know

What is the structure of this experience?

1. Video Lessons (3.5h). Watch the four course videos anytime, anywhere.

    2. Live Class 1: Cook Your Creature (1h). Work on your creature illustration blueprint with your classmates and trainer.

      3. Live Class 2: Present Your Creature (1h). Present your creature, get feedback from your trainer and also see your classmates’ work!

        4. Monthly Meet-And-Greet With Anthony (1h). This is when all the best creatures will be presented to Anthony himself! In this session, you'll also get a chance to ask Anthony anything you want.

          5. Access to an exclusive WhatsApp community of like-minded artists!. Meet like-minded aspiring artists from all over the world who are on the same journey as you are. Share resources with each other, and also receive exclusive updates on the upcoming Q&A sessions.

            Where are the live classes held?

            All our live classes are held on Zoom – and are super fun! After completing the course, you will be given a recording of the live classes for future reference. You will also be added to our alumni community where you can learn more, participate in contests and find out about freelance gigs.

              I have no experience in drawing. Can I still join the course?

              Of course you can! This class is designed for all levels! Anthony's class (particularly Section 2: "The 3 Drawing Fundamentals") is catered specifically for people who are beginners and have no experience drawing at all. While Section 3 ("Cooking Up Your Creature") is more intermediate and will teach you how to go about creating your own character. Practicing the three simple steps outlined in Section 2 over a period of time will help you better execute the steps in Section 3.

                Do I need any software (e.g. like Photoshop) to take part in this class?

                No, you don't need any software at all. While Anthony uses Adobe Photoshop to design his creature in Section 3, he specifically emphasizes that most of this work can be done on paper too. Exercises like abstractions or textures can be performed as pencil drawings which is demonstrated in Section 2 as well.

                  While this class does not offer free access to software, you can easily use an existing subscription to software like Adobe, in case you have one. As the course is software-agnostic (i.e. not designed to be reliant on any software), Anthony will not be teaching you the specifics of design software like Photoshop. However, you can watch FREE Adobe tutorials on YouTube if you'd like to learn how to use it. A good place to start is right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBouhf4seWQ

                    Why do I have to attend live classes? I thought I was only paying for video tutorials?

                    That's a great question. Nas Academy believes in going beyond just video lessons. Why? Because peer-to-peer learning will help expand your knowledge further. On that note, your purchase of this course also comes with two live classes. You can find the dates of these live classes in your student portal once you join the Academy.

                      Your live sessions will also give you a chance to connect with artists from all over the world! There will also be classes with trainers who will provide personalised feedback on your drawings. You'll even get to attend a live meet-and-greet with Anthony himself once a month! During these sessions, he will look at all the best drawings selected by your classmates.

                        When are the live classes being held? What if I can't attend them?

                        After your purchase, you can select the dates for your live classes based on your own preferences. If you can't attend the live classes, don't worry, you'll still be given access to the recordings of the two sessions, so you can watch them whenever you're free. Although we'd highly encourage you to attend them!

                          In case you'd like to change the dates of your live classes, simply email us at hello@nasacademy.com and we'll have it fixed for you right away!

                            Will I get to meet Anthony Francisco himself?

                            Yes! That's the most exciting part about joining our Academy – you get to meet your favorite creators! You can look forward to interacting with Anthony live at a special meet-and-greet session taking place every month.

                              Will I get a certificate of completion?

                              Yes. You will be given an online certificate of completion once you have completed watching the video series.

                                Why is it important that I join the WhatsApp group?

                                At Nas Academy, we're all about people! In fact,the word "Nas" itself means "people" in Arabic. That's why we encourage interaction and building communities in every class. This will help you meet new people, learn from them and grow as a student.

                                  Will I have access to the videos once the course is over?

                                  Yes! You will have lifetime access to the videos, the slides of the lesson and the Nas Academy community. You will be able to use these as a resource long after your course is over.

                                    What if I'm having technical problems? Who can I contact?

                                    Simply click the yellow chat widget on the bottom right hand corner of this browser or shoot us an email at hello@nasacademy.com

                                      We'll get back to you asap!

                                        How To Draw From Your Imagination

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