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Parmita Katkar

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I’m Parmita, former Miss India Asia-Pacific, actress, talk show host, image coach, entrepreneur, and mother. The world can be a difficult place for women, but I will set you up for success no matter your age, career, or lifestyle. As someone who has built a YouTube channel that grew to almost 2 million subscribers helping women succeed by transforming most significant aspects of their self-image, presence, and personal brand. Whether you are a mother restarting your career, or you’re already a successful professional looking for an identity shift to stay on top of her game in the current workplace, or you’re a woman looking to pursue a successful relationship at any age, then get ready.In this 3 hour workshop I will help you will acquire all the components of self-confidence that'll shift not only your mindset, but also rebrand your identity.Re-create your impact by taking purposeful actions towards your evolving role in society, which is increasingly placing more importance on social media presence.In this class, I’ll give you practical tips and tangible ways to show the world how fabulous you truly are, including branding yourself on social media. Join me and discover the secrets to inner (and outer) confidence- and transform your workplace, your home, and your relationships.

What You’ll Learn

Redefine Your Self-Image

Learn how to transform your mindset to find the confidence you always wanted


Personal Styling

Dress and style yourself in a way that allows your inner confidence to shine through


Body Language

How to use body language to turn heads and stand out

Body Language

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About Me

Parmita Katkar

Parmita Katkar

Image Coach

I’m a former Miss India, entrepreneur, actress, talk show host, image coach, and mother. I am the founder of Blush With Me-Parmita, a successful YouTube channel and website dedicated to the empowerment of women through guiding them to improve their self-image, confidence, and show them the power they hold in their hands.

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Parmita Katkar

How To Be a GirlBoss

with Parmita Katkar

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