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Paige Parker



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Who Is This For?

For those of you who have goals, but may feel held back by external factors aka 'noise' and for any of you ready to begin living life on your own terms, defined by you, driven by you, with authentic purpose and passion


What I'll Teach...

  • How to identify and block out the noise
  • How to understand YOUR goals, your story, your truth
  • How to develop a mindset to live your best life

About Me


Paige Parker

Hi, I’m Paige. From an early age, I dreamed of what might exist beyond my little hometown of 50,000 people. Fast forward three decades to find me driving around the world, literally, covering 116 countries over three years with my husband Jim Rogers, ultimately gaining a Guinness World Record. Then, I wrote my story, my memoir, “Don’t Call Me Mrs. Rogers,” detailing the epic circumnavigation, as well as my own personal evolution. With this workshop, I want to help you live YOUR all. Not the all of “more money, more love, more stability, more stuff, more work” imposed and taught to us over our lifetimes. Now, as an author, writer, content creator, podcast host, and Tiger mom, I want to help you understand those external factors, not internal purpose, drive too many of us, in every country, in every culture. Join me to make 2022 all about you!

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