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Facebook is not only one of the most creator-friendly platforms, it also helps you build content that you can share with absolutely anyone, anywhere in the world! In fact, Facebook is always changing its game to ensure their users keep coming back. It’s actually a lot more powerful of a platform than people give it credit for.As a content creator, I’m always looking to understand what my followers want to see and how to create content that can be shared around the world.In this course, I will teach you how to make content that works for Facebook and more importantly, how to engineer them to go viral. While there's no science to creating a viral vide, you can always build a viral community. And I will teach you exactly how to do that.Whether you’re a creator or a business, this course will help you understand how Facebook algorithms work and how you can use it efficiently to increase your content reach. So let's get started!

What You’ll Learn

Content That Excels

Use Facebook's algorithms to get seen

Content That Excels

A Viral Video

Create a video guaranteed to get those Facebook clicks


Class Samples

How to make your Facebook videos go viral


How to grow a viral community


Making money as a business on Facebook


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Graduate with classmates

UTC Timezone

Virtual Meet on Zoom

01How Facebook Works

Facebook isn’t just a platform for posting content— it has an algorithm that decides what gets seen, and what stays invisible. Knowing how this works is the key to success on Facebook.

Why I Chose Facebook

What Types Of Videos Work On Facebook?

Engineering The Perfect Facebook Video

02Facebook and Making Money

Going viral doesn’t mean much unless you’re making money. Learn how to get monetized and business strategies guaranteed to give you staying power on Facebook.

Going Viral On Facebook

How to Make Money On Facebook

Building a Business On Facebook

You Can Make Thousands Of Dollars (At Least) On Facebook

2 Resources

The Cheat Sheet

The Ad Manager

2 Exercises

The Creator Checklist

The Business Checklist

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About Me

Nuseir Yassin

Nuseir Yassin

Nas Daily

I’m Nuseir. I went to Harvard. Graduated. Got a job. Hated it. Started making videos. Loved it. Since then, I've founded two companies (Nas Daily and Nas Academy), made 1,000 one-minute videos in 1,000 days, gained over 40+ million followers, and built a company to empower creators worldwide. My scripting skills are why I’ve come this far, and I'm only just getting started!

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