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Learn Simple Ways To Effectively Use After Effects & VFX Basics

In A 16-Hour Live Course (8 x 2h)

You’ll Make Creative Visual Effects To Use In Your Videos

AND Get Personal Feedback On It

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8 Live Sessions

32 hours total

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Advanced Editing Effects
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Hey there creators! My name is Ayax Bader, and I am an editor and VFX artist. As a content creator and YouTuber, I work to teach VFX and animation in a way that is simple and accessible for everybody. This way, even small businesses or creators with limited resources can have the opportunity to level up their work, and bring their creative visions to life.If you want to learn how to swap faces, clone yourself, and finally enter the limitless world of animation - then you’ve come to the right place.Through this 7-part live course, you will learn the basics to Adobe After Effects, how to animate the impossible, enhance your storytelling with some unreal effects, and help your work stand out. Whether you are a filmmaker, content creator or somebody just wanting to learn more about After Effects and VFX, this course is for you. It is sure to help you create visual effects that will blow your audiences mind, and take your content to the next level.


What I'll Teach

  • Advanced animation techniques
  • Essential knowledge for VFX
  • How to optimize your video for VFX
  • The key to creating stunning visual effects

What's Included

  • Live Access

    8 live sessions with an expert trainer

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime access to class recordings

  • Resources

    Footage and guides to help you create stunning effects

  • Exclusive WhatsApp

    Join an exclusive WhatsApp group with a dedicated trainer

next course period

Coming Soon...

Learn Simple Ways To Effectively Use After Effects & VFX Basics

In A 16-Hour Live Course (8 x 2h)

You’ll Make Creative Visual Effects To Use In Your Videos

AND Get Personal Feedback On It

Course Schedule

Session 1

Introducing VFX & After Effects

Let’s start with the basics. This section will introduce you to the world of VFX, and the industry standard software we’ll be using: Adobe After Effects (AE).

Introducing VFX & After Effects
  • Why Learn VFX
  • How To Tell A Story With VFX
  • Introduction To AE
  • Introduction To Keyframing
  • Introduction To Masking
Session 2

Masking With Motion

This section dives deep into masking footage with motion to create killer Neon animations with SABER.

Introducing VFX & After Effects
  • How To Create Neon-Shape Animation
  • Animating Neon Text With Masking
Session 3

2D & 3D Tracking

Learn how to create realistic text and image effects using 2D and 3D tracking effects.

Introducing VFX & After Effects
  • How To Track Text With Footage
  • How To Use Precompositions
  • All About 2D & 3D Tracking Effects
  • Using Null Objects
Session 4

The Green Screen

This session will bring to light everything you need to know about greenscreens and how to use them to get some incredible effects.

Introducing VFX & After Effects
  • What Is Greenscreen?
  • The Right Way To Shoot With A Greenscreen
  • Why Do We Use Greenscreen?
  • How To Use Color Correction
Session 5

Advanced Cloning & SFX

Ever wonder how movies are able to clone actors seamlessly and get such realistic results with VFX? This section will show you exactly how it’s done.

Introducing VFX & After Effects
  • Cloning With Motion
  • How To Make Clones Interact
  • Adding A Fake Camera Shake
  • Adding Fire Effects & Blending Objects
Session 6

Create Value With Quick VFX

This session will talk about fast VFX and how to create a light saber effect.

Introducing VFX & After Effects
  • How to Use Jump Cuts
  • How To Animate Fast VFX
  • Creating A Lightsaber
Session 7

Replacing Skies & Alpha Mattes

In this final section, we’ll learn how to swap out skies for a better shot, and learn how to use alpha mattes to get some unreal effects.

Introducing VFX & After Effects
  • When To Use Sky Replacements
  • How To Create A New Sky For Your Footage
  • Learn My “Headless” Shot Effect
  • How To Use Alpha Mattes


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Who Is This For?

If you are...

Filmmaker or Video Creator

You are looking to level up your videos with some killer effects and animatons.

Beginner VFX Artist

You want to learn Adobe AE and create VFX, but have no idea where to start.

Brand or Content Creator

You are eager to bring your content to life and make it stand out to your audience.

About Me

Ayax Bader

ayax bader
I am a freelance filmmaker and YouTuber known for my work in audio-visual effects. I am passionate about creating cinematic videos using advanced animation techniques and visual effects, while teaching what I’ve learned to help make VFX accessible for creators and companies of all levels.

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All you need to know

What will I learn?

The Nas Academy helps people tell their stories using video. Our courses are unique – high energy, hard work and lots of fun. The Special Effects course helps you advance your video storytelling capabilities through the power of special effects. From the minute our course starts you will learn the best techniques and skills to apply special effects creatively on your videos. No boring theory, this is about doing, experiencing and mastering.

    What will I need?

    For online courses, you’ll need a few things

    • A reasonably new computer – Windows or Mac. You will need to install Adobe After Effects software and you will need a minimum of 20 GB free space, or access to an external hard drive
    • Any digital camera will do or even your mobile phone
    • If you have a microphone, great!
    • A good internet connection – preferably 50 Mbps upload and download. If you’re not sure, check with your internet provider
    • Lots of time – please set aside time to do your course and produce your special effects video
    Download Adobe After Effects here

    Will Nuseir (Nas Daily) teach my course?

    No, Nuseir is not going to be teaching any of the courses. But, we have an amazing team of trainers handpicked by Nuseir for their expertise and most them are creators themselves. The courses are packed with learnings from the creator journeys of Nas Daily and others. Also, Nas has been known to make a special appearance from time-to-time!

      Who can join this course?

      This is an advanced level course for people who have mastered making good videos! Join us if you have some experience making videos and would like to learn how you can communicate your stories that resonate with your audience more, with the power of special effects.

        What software do you use?

        We teach using the Adobe After Effects in this programme. There are trial versions available, but you must purchase the software on your own.

          Will I make videos during this course?

          You sure will! We want to see your creativity in applying all the skills you have learned – on video; make it fancy, get creative with the special effects

            What benefits do I get from completing this course?

            Video is the medium of today and it’s only growing. To make your videos stand out from the rest of the content produced daily in this world, you need to continuously improve on your presentation skills, be it making videos for your business or change the world. Through this Advanced Editing Effects course, you get to open up more possibilities for your video storytelling and communicate your stories even more strongly. You will see the magic that special effects can bring to the videos you have created!

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