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Art of Storytelling

Story is king. Everything else is secondary. You can win elections, reach millions of people, and sell millions of products just by telling the right story.This isn't a literature course. We teach you skills that can directly help you in your relationship, social media content, business, and in your career.

50 Classmates Per Cohort. 7-Day Experience

Over 2 hrs of recorded classes

2 live sessions

What You Will Learn

How to utilise storytelling to sell a product

How to write a compelling script

Rules to make a script stand out

How to conduct research for scripting

What’s included

Lifetime access to course

Exclusive whatsapp community

Live Q&A sessions to get feedback on your work

Monthly meetups with Nas Daily

100% money back guarantee

18 Video Lessons (2 hr 20 mins)

Private whatsapp group

11 localised subtitles


What makes a good video

Good videos start with a strong script. Whether you want to make a quick 3-min video on a social issue or a 15-min vlog talking about your day, there are some rules that will make your script stand out. Here you will learn the foundations of a solid script.

The Power of Words
The Power of Words
Play Sample

4 min 31 secs

The Golden 3: Simplicity
The Golden 3: Simplicity

9 min

The Golden 3: Organization
The Golden 3: Organization

8 min 50 secs

The Golden 3: Relatability
The Golden 3: Relatability

4 min 21 secs

Tell the story of a Place

Places hold amazing stories. These places can be landmarks of historical events, a must-visit vacation paradise or just somewhere you hold dear in your heart. Whatever the reason, you will learn how to make people interested in the story behind the place of your choice.

Finding The Right Story
Finding The Right Story

16 min 53 secs

Scripting The Story
Scripting The Story

9 min 24 secs

Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts

5 min 42 secs

Tell the story of a Person

Humans are amazing. Everyone has an exciting story to share. And with the power of video, people around the world can hear them. You will learn how to research and script scenarios that will honour these people and inform the world of their amazing deeds.

Finding The Right Story
Finding The Right Story

13 min 1 secs

Scripting The Story
Scripting The Story

12 min 22 secs

Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts

4 min 26 secs

Tell the story of a Product

The best way to grow your business is through video storytelling. When you speak a simple language that your viewers can understand, you will highlight the right characteristics of your product even better. In this section, you will learn how to communicate your products to your potential customers.

Finding The Right Angle
Finding The Right Angle

7 min 58 secs

Scripting The Story
Scripting The Story

9 min 39 secs

Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts

1 min 26 secs

Tell the story of Purpose

There are many social issues and causes that deserve your attention. Finding the right way to approach this matter and raising awareness is a skill. You will learn how to script in a relatable manner and draw attention to important topics and issues.

Finding The Right Angle
Finding The Right Angle

10 min 5 secs

Scripting The Story
Scripting The Story

15 min 35 secs

Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts

4 min 12 secs

What's Next?

What's Next?

What's Next?
What's Next?

2 min 24 secs

Live Sessions

In addition to the course videos, you would also get a cohort-based live learning experience with recordings.

You Will Get:

  • Monthly Meet & Greet With Nas Daily

  • 1 Live Q&A With A Trainer

  • 1 Live Graduation


Your learning doesn’t end after the course ends. Work on your plans, discuss with your classmates and get real-time feedback from qualified trainers.

What Is In For You:

  • Enroll in an exclusive WhatsApp group with a dedicated trainer

  • Exclusive Facebook group where there are regular contests and activities

  • Members-only special discounts and access to private events

What our Alumni says

Who Is This For?

If you are...

Budding Creator

You wish to share your content and message out there for people to hear them.

Business Owners

You wish to find effective ways to promote your products and services.

Those Working in Communications Industry

Your day to day work involves creating compelling messages to influence your target audience.

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”

Robert McKee

About The Creator

Nuseir Yassin

Nas Daily

nas daily
Today’s World is video, but making them is hard. It took me 270 videos to finally get it. I had to start from scratch and learn everything. For your ease, I started this incredible course. With 5 years of experience and 38 million followers I want to teach what I have learned along the way.

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All you need to know

Why learn storytelling?

Prior to the invention of papyrus, all accounts of history were passed generation to generation by way of stories. Every great culture and civilisation was built on its own canon of stories: whether they be myths, fables or old wives’ tales.

    Why? Stories are engaging, sticky and effective. History shows us that people remember stories and find them personally meaningful. Whether it be religious texts or Disney movies- stories are capable of building community and bringing about great change.

      This is why entrepreneurs, marketers and scientists alike believe storytelling is an essential skill today to convey ideas in a compelling way. If people remember your story, they’ll likely remember you, your product or your brand.

        In fact, Nas Daily was built on 1,000 one-minute stories, which resulted in 24 million people around the world who follow him today.

          So whether you want to use storytelling to tell your brand story, your life story or the story behind your product, this course is for you.

            Who is this class for?

            You! No prior experience with scripting is required. All you need is an interest in helping to make the world better by telling amazing stories.

              We just require students to be at least 16 and above when they enroll as per our enrollment policy.

                How long is this course? What is the time commitment like?

                The course is 2 hours 20 minutes long.

                  However, as it is an on-demand course, you can feel free to break it up and watch it at your own pace.

                    While the course can be watched anytime and anywhere, we've also included a live experience that will add value to your learning. Each cohort will be invited to 2x 60-min live sessions (Orientation and Graduation) which you can look forward to and meet your classmates! These live sessions give you the full Nas Academy experience- where you can learn at your own pace, but still get the timely feedback and community support you need.

                      How does this course work?

                      Once you enroll, you will be given full access to the course as well as course materials like cheat sheets and activity sheets via your student portal. You can then access the on-demand course anytime, anywhere on any device as long as you have stable internet connection.

                        You’ll also be invited to join your cohort’s WhatsApp group where you can interact with other aspiring learners and creators! If you join your cohort’s WhatsApp group, you’ll be able to share your ongoing work and receive feedback both from your peers and your instructors.

                          Every cohort will also be offered 2x 60-min live sessions (Orientation and Graduation) which you can attend! These sessions will be where you can put your learning to the test with activities as well as ask the trainers questions you have. You are highly encouraged to attend these sessions to maximise your learning experience.

                            By the end of the course, you would have created 2 scripts of your own based on our storytelling framework and gotten feedback on them.

                              Who can join this course?

                              We welcome beginners! We have students who have experience with scripting, and plenty who don’t.

                                We just require students to be at least 16 and above when they enroll as per our enrollment policy.

                                  What other kind of support is available after I complete the class?

                                  You’ll be enrolled in our alumni group where you can continue your learning journey with like-minded creators and further improve your skills.

                                    Our alumni network have access to monthly learning labs, available job vacancies, monthly contests (where you stand to win prizes like drones!) and even virtual meet-and-greets!

                                      How long do I have access to the class videos?

                                      Yes, you will have lifetime access to the videos, the slides of the lesson and the Nas Academy community. You will be able to use these as a resource for the rest of your content creation career.

                                        What tools and equipment do I need for this class?

                                        All you need is a device (a laptop, tablet or even a phone) to watch the pre-recorded videos (with stable Internet, of course!) — and lots of creativity to start your scripting adventures.

                                          Unlike the Creator Masterclass, this class does not require you to have any camera or editing software. You are encouraged to simply use your camera on your phone to film.

                                            Will I get a certificate?

                                            Yes! You will be given an online certificate of completion for the course you graduate in!

                                              Learn the Art of Storytelling

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