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Nicole Banister



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Who Is This For

For all travelers who want to learn more about other cultures but find it harder than expected


What I'll Teach

  • All of my practical and best tips for traveling overseas to any country
  • The steps you can take now to prepare yourself for any unexpected challenges
  • Navigating the sensitivities of cultural differences while having fun and connecting with others

About Me


Nicole Banister

What’s up party people?! I’m Nicole Banister, aka NIKKI BANZ! I’m an international emcee and I host a celebrity interview series on Instagram Live. Whether it’s moderating a United Nations panel or hyping the crowd up at a night club—give me a microphone and I will make magic. Throughout my career I’ve traveled to 45 countries and lived in four. Join me as I spill all the tea on how to jet-set like an absolute boss. Leggo!

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