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Nicole Banister


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Become A Cultural Chamelon

2-Hour Live Lesson

Come Out With New Approaches To New Environments

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Third Culture Kid. Digital nomad. Globetrotter. Jetsetter. International chameleon. Different words, same meaning: the people who choose to visit, live, and work in communities, cultures, or countries outside of their native ones.

My entire life has been a dynamic blend of different cultures and perspectives. Born to a Black American father and an Iranian immigrant mother, I grew up across the United States, Singapore, and Bolivia. I’m currently based in South Africa, where I spent the first decade of my career working for the US government, the United Nations, and civil society in 20 countries across Africa and the Western Pacific. And then I’ve visited another 20 countries, with innumerable stops in smaller cities, just for fun!

This course will equip you with both the cross-cultural capital and the communication savvy to travel to new places, connect with people of entirely different backgrounds, and not offend anyone—or embarrass yourself—in the process. I’m going to teach you how to make new friends and build professional relationships in a new city, how to take an inclusive and celebratory approach to difference, and give you the social tools to be culturally sensitive as you navigate brand new environments. I’ll even give you some of my tips for dating in a new city, so that nothing gets lost in translation! 

Whether you’re a travel blogger or a career diplomat, moving overseas to a brand new country or simply planning a once-off vacation to a new city—this course is for you!

Nicole Banister

What I'll Teach

  • Practical And Personal Tips For Traveling Abroad
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Strategies
  • How to Develop The Confidence To Meet New People And Build New Relationships
  • Social Tools For An Inclusive And Celebratory Approach To Differences

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Coming Soon...

Become A Cultural Chamelon

2-Hour Live Lesson

Come Out With New Approaches To New Environments

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Section 1

Strengthen Your Cross-Cultural Capital

Whether it is adapting to your new environment, building new relationships, or immersing yourself into local hotspots-- cross-cultural capital is crucial. In this section, I’ll not only define cross-cultural capital, but also teach you how to build it. 

Strengthen Your Cross-Cultural Capital
Section 2

The Practical Vs. The Personal

When going into a new city, country, or community, people have two types of needs: the practical and the personal. I’ll go through them both so that you prepare more holistically for your upcoming adventure.

The Practical Vs. The Personal
Section 3

How To Expect The Unexpected

When traveling somewhere new, the only expectation you should have is to have no expectations at all. I’ll teach you how to prepare for the unknown and how to thrive in it.

How To Expect The Unexpected
Section 4

Culturally Appropriate Vs. Appropriating Culture

There is a very fine line between being culturally appropriate and appropriating culture. I’ll give you examples of common mistakes made by people exploring new communities, and give you strategies that will ensure you’re never on the wrong side of harmful stereotypes.

Culturally Appropriate Vs. Appropriating Culture

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Nicole Banister


Nicole Banister
I’m Nicole Banister, aka NIKKI BANZ! I’m an international emcee, a sex positive content creator, and the Founder of the digital storytelling platform, My Basketball Team. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, I have a decade of experience facilitating critical conversations in 40+ countries. Honed by my time as a United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Fellow and my service as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer, I'm passionate about connecting both dots and people!

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      Who is this course for?

      Whether you’re a career diplomat, travel blogger, planning to move overseas to a brand new country, in a intercultural relationship, or simply planning a vacation to a new city—this course is for you!

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