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Hello creator!

If you are a creator lucky enough to be contacted by MX TakaTak, then this is your chance! We want to set you up for success and this time 50 scholarships will be given to aspiring creators across India under the MX TakaTak x Nas Academy Creator Program. The program will consist of 2 parts. In month 1, you will be trained with the know-hows of content creation on MX TakaTak and create 6 videos to share with the world. We will give you access to tools and tips to become a MX TakaTak creator and take your videos to the next level. After the training, we will select the top 50% of participants to enter a 2-month long mentorship program where you will be engaged to continue creating under the program and create over 30 videos. You will have a dedicated mentor who gives you personalised feedback on content and hear from other creators and leaders in the industry. You now will learn to take your videos from good to great! Up for the challenge? Join Waitlist. Sign up is closed for now!

Course Schedule

Session 1


Before we get started on creating videos, we will discuss why short-form videos have become so powerful now and learn from some of the top mobile creators.

  • The power of short videos
  • Examples of top creators in the industry
  • How to come up with great video ideas
Session 2

Planning and Structure

Storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool. We will learn the process of planning short videos and discuss how you can use powerful storytelling to entertain and educate.

  • The Golden 3
  • How to write a good script
  • Different storytelling styles and techniques
Session 3


In this session, we will learn about different types of shots and how you can stand out from the rest.

  • How to shoot in-app
  • Video and filming basics
Session 4


Editing can help elevate your video to a completely different level. In this session, you learn to edit on mobile, from cutting to special effects.

  • How to edit in-app
  • Recreating popular trends
Session 5


We will discuss publishing essentials and you can promote your video to get your first 1,000 views.

  • Publishing essentials: cover, caption, hashtags, music
  • Best practices
  • How to get your first 1,000 views
Section 6

Growing your Channel

It is important to think about your channel from a long-term perspective and in this session, we will take a look at ways to develop and promote your channel.

  • The difference between 1 and 100
  • How to grow your channel
  • Themes, Niches, Playlists, Branding
Session 7


We will discuss various ways to monetise your content, from brand deals like sponsorships and affiliate marketing to merchandise and ad revenue.

  • Reasons to monetize your content
  • Ways to monetize your content
Session 8


Congratulations on completing the course! In this finale session, you will get to gather with all your classmates, put your learning into practice and o see what everyone has created.

  • Student showcase
  • Discussion and Q&A

2 Month Mentorship

Your 2 months of 1:1 mentorship begins after graduation. You’ll grow even more as a content creator in this period, where you’ll be paired with one of the best creators in the business and receive advice and feedback over the next 2 months.


What's Included

  • Learn Digital Skills

    to create content for social media

  • Potential Opportunity

    to win prizes or get a paid 6-month freelance contract with Grab

  • Creative Community

    of like-minded content creators and mentors to support you

Free 3-month content creation training

1:1 Mentorship

Win attractive prizes

Get community support

Who Is This For?

If you are...

An Aspiring Content Creator

Even if you have little prior content creation experience but have passion for content creation, we welcome you!

A Storyteller Keen to Venture Into Short-Form Content

You might already be a content creator but has yet to venture into short-form. We want to help you make that happen!


All you need to know

What is MX TakaTak?

MX TakaTak is a short video platform, made locally and specially by MX Media & Entertainment in India. On MX TakaTak, we provide rich video content and encourage our creators to be their creative best.

    Who is Nas Academy?

    We’re humans just like you who like to make videos! Nas Academy is the brain child of Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily. Nas Daily videos have been seen more than 6 billion times. Our headquarters is in Singapore but want to teach everyone, everywhere how to make compelling videos that will change the world.

      What will I learn?

      The Nas Academy creates creators. We want to impart the knowledge that made Nas Daily the storytelling powerhouse it is today! Our course is unique – high energy, hard work, and lots of fun. You will be equipped with knowledge on how to script, film, edit, and present on MX TakaTak. No boring theory, this is about doing, experiencing, and communicating. Some of the things you will learn through the course is scripting and storytelling, shooting video, editing, and publishing your story.

        How do I apply?

        You have to be an active creator already producing amazing content. You can send us a request to take a look at your platforms. If we see your content and love it, we’ll contact you.

          Who can apply?

          This course is only for individuals based in India for the duration of the program. Currently, the course will only be available in English and Hindi. The sign up will be sent to shortlisted creators.

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