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What You'll Learn

  • How to make more money as a digital nomad (yes, you can be paid to travel!)

  • EXACTLY how much money I earn (I’ll break down my different income streams!)

  • How to reach out and pitch to brands for partnership deals

  • How to negotiate with brands and know your worth as a creator

  • How to figure out how much to charge and how to package your skills in a professional way

Become Someone Who

Is a Digital Nomad

Get paid to travel and work AT THE SAME TIME, with ZERO followers!

Is a Digital Nomad

Has the Perfect Pitch

Know exactly how to approach the right people to be able to land paid brand deals.

Has the Perfect Pitch

Can Negotiate Like a Pro

Show your clients what you’re really worth – and get it.

Can Negotiate Like a Pro

Has Met Dear Alyne

Tap into the expertise of Alyne and how she has made millions from this very same lifestyle!

Met Dear Alyne

Access to a Community

“Your network is your net worth!”

Access to a Community

Has the Tools You Need

Make an impact in your business with the help of your media kit, contract, and email templates.

Mint NFTs

Successful Students

11 Resources Included
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Why Learn From Me?

Dear Alyne

Alyne Tamir

Dear Alyne

When I became a Content Creator, I didn't do it for the money. I wanted to make videos about things I cared about! But over the years, being a Creator has become a serious career. I make more than many engineers, doctors, and lawyers, all while helping others AND fulfilling my creative side. BUT, it wasn't easy. There is no University Degree or guideline on how to do it. Now I want to teach you everything I've learned over the years so that YOU can get started. Financial Freedom and these business skills are so important. I know creators with 25,000 followers who make 10x more than creators I know with HALF A MILLION followers, simply because the smaller creators have BUSINESS SKILLS.Making a living as a Creator is not only about your talent or content. So don't neglect your business skills and leave money on the table.

Class Schedule

01How to Make Money with Zero Followers

In this lesson, Alyne will walk you through the key essentials you need to know to get started on making money as a content creator.

Part 1: How To Make Money With Zero Followers

Part 2: How You Can Make Money As A Content Creator

02How to Diversify Your Income Streams as a Creator

Okay, you want to become a content creator- now what? Where do you start? Many courses talk about how to grow your following but few teach you how to actually diversify your income streams with LITTLE TO NO followers. This module provides you un-Googleable and effective steps to create the income you need to make a living.

Part 3: Income Streams For Creators With Small Followings

03Pitching, Charging, and Negotiating

Who do you think makes more: a creator with 500k followers or one with 30k? The real answer: IT DEPENDS. Following size DOES NOT equal income. Skills and negotiation do!

Part 4: Pitching To Brands

Part 5: Charging & Negotiating

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Dear Alyne

Become a Digital Nomad

with Dear Alyne

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