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Moira Dela Torre

Moira Dela Torre

Award winning musician - Most Streamed Filipina Artist 2017- present

Hi, everyone! I am Moira Dela Torre. I'm a singer-songwriter from the Philippines and Spotify's Most Streamed Filipina Artists from 2017- present.17 years ago, I wrote my first song and I have never stopped since. I never had any intention of letting the whole world hear my music. I only started writing because I needed an outlet. I needed a way out from all the negative thoughts that filled my mind and writing brought me so much healing. It gave me comfort in the toughest of times. It allowed me to express and assess my emotions in a way that cleared my mind and pointed me back to Hope. Today, 17years later, I am known for my heartbreaking yet hopeful songs about love and life. I now co-write all my songs with my husband Jason Marvin.Hearing people sing along to my lyrics and watching them find hope and comfort through my words remind me of my purpose in life--- to be a friend through the music I make. This year, I celebrate 14 years since I recorded my first song ever. I have never stopped writing since. And while I still have so much to learn, I now have the chance to share everything I've learned so far in the entirety of my career.And I'm so excited to be able to teach what I know for the very first time. My hope is that through this course, you would find the courage to put to paper the stories in your heart and that you would experience the comfort I feel whenever I write! You never know, your songs might just inspire and bring Hope to those who need it.

The Songwriting Bootcamp Experience

Lifetime Video Access

All content is based on Moira’s experiences and the lessons she’s learned from her years of writing songs

video lessons

Series songwriting tips

Get insider tips and tricks on the basics of songwriting and finding a melody

songwriting tips

4 original songs

Compose your very own impactful lyrics that pull at the heartstrings of your listeners

4 original songs

In-course song release

For the first wave only, Moira will exclusively share her process and lyrics of a new song in an upcoming album

In-course song release

Ask Moira anything

Meet, greet, and ask Moira questions during the quarterly Meet the Creator session

sk Moira anything

Meet fellow music lovers

Join a community of passionate songwriters who want to improve their music and songwriting too

Meet fellow music lovers
Moira Music Night

Moira Dela Torre Academy Music Night Replay

Hi, everyone! I am Moira Dela Torre. I'm a singer-songwriter from the Philippines and Spotify's Most Streamed Filipina Artists from 2017- present.Early birds got the chance to meet Moira, see her write a song on the spot in less than 10 minutes. Students also played games, asked questions and capped the night with perfromances from herself, her husband Jason Marvin and Argee Guerrero of I Belong to the Zoo.

Class Samples

Learn From Moira's Journey


The Ocean Songwriting Sequence


My Songwriting Setup


Class Schedule

3 Live Sessions
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UTC Timezone

Virtual Meet on Zoom

Meet the Creator

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Virtual Meet on Zoom

01Behind My Very First Song

In this section, you will get a glimpse into Moira’s journey as a songwriter, discover how to write your first song, get familiar with different techniques, and learn about building your own brand as a musician.

From Home Singer to Artist

The Science of Songwriting: Components, Structures, and Techniques of Songwriting

The Art of Songwriting: Thought Starters and Finding Inspiration

Building Your Personal Brand as a Musician

02Ocean: A Song About Peace

The ocean is a mysterious gift of nature that evokes both feelings of wonder and fear. It is full of contradictions - just like love. In this sequence, Moira will guide you through a systematic exercise that will allow you to express yourself through your lyrics. You will also be writing a song inspired by the beauty of the ocean.

The Ocean As A Source Of Inspiration

Writing Your First Lyric Using The Poetic Form

Expressing Yourself Through Lyrics


03Forest: A Song About Anxiety

The forest is a place that reminds us that it’s absolutely okay to be vulnerable at times and that we must never lose hope. Even under the shade of the trees, light will always be able to shine through. In this sequence, Moira will walk you through her process for writing a song using the conversational method and challenge you to write your own song about vulnerability.

The Story Behind “Bullets”

The Conversational Method


04The Mountain: A Song About Courage

When a tree is cut down, it has the ability to grow back. This miracle of nature should give us hope. Learn how to write a song full of hope.

The Story Behind “Lion”

The Storytelling Method


05Your Space : Song About You

When you are all alone, your innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires take center stage. Tap into that and learn how to write a song about the real and most authentic you.

The Story behind “Before It Sinks In”

The Equipment I Use

How to Record a Demo Track

Live Demo Session

06Self Reflection and Practice

Use this day to practice and reflect on what you have learned during the course. Review all the video lessons and tips, and go back to review your own songs. This is the time for you try and improve the songs you’ve written and prepare it for your family and friends.


07Virtual Graduation

Congratulations! At this point, you’ve finished the course. Now it’s time for you to share your beautiful songs with your family, friends... and the rest of the world!

Zoom Session

08Quarterly: Meet the Creator

Each quarter, you will meet up with Moira on Zoom and get the chance to ask her all your questions, get feedback on your progress, and bond with the rest of your wavemates!

6 Exercises

Ocean Sequence Exercise

Forest Sequence Exercise

Mountain Sequence Exercise

Home Studio Sequence Exercise

Songwriting Exercise

Practice and Self Reflect

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