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Hello everyone! I’m Ming and I’m excited to share my new course with you, where I’ll teach you all the tips and tricks to get started on one of the most promising social media platforms. Over the past year, I have not just grown my channel – but other Tik Tok channels by 18 million followers and 4 billion views.Now I’m using my experience to help you understand how you, too, can grow on TikTok – whether you’re a creator or a business. I’ll talk about how TikTok works, what kind of content will go viral, how you can make money off TikTok, filming tips, how to improve your video performance, and everything you need to know.The best part about this course is that it is not just video files. There are live sessions with qualified trainers to give you an inclusive cohort-based learning experience. In addition, there are monthly meetups with me, where you will also get a chance to be part of an exclusive online community, share feedback, learn from each other, and get lifetime access to this course.

What You’ll Learn

How TikTok Works

Learn TikTok’s algorithm so that your videos are the ones people see

How TikTok Works

Getting Noticed

Create content that people want to watch, and keep watching

Getting Noticed

Filming TikToks

Master the short-video format that is king on TikTok

Filming TikToks

Class Samples

What is Tik Tok?


How to make your Tik Tok videos more engaging


Planning your videos


Class Schedule

2 Live Sessions
Meet your classmates

UTC Timezone

Virtual Meet on Zoom

Graduate with classmates

UTC Timezone

Virtual Meet on Zoom

01Cracking the TikTok Algorithm

I’ll show you my tips and tricks for using the TikTok algorithm to your advantage. Never be unseen again.

How I Grew To 18 Million Followers

What Works (And Doesn’t Work) On TikTok

My Tips On Cracking The TikTok Algorithm

02Filming For TikTok

Filming short-form videos is tricky, but I’ll show you all the best ways to do it.

The Ins And Outs Of Filming TikTok Videos

Guidelines To Uploading Your TikTok Videos

An Easy Method To Get More Traction On TikTok

How Much Money I Made From TikTok

Nas Academy Experience

An online class like no other

Join goal oriented classmates

Every class has limited number of students to keep the learning experience great. Start by attending a Zoom session getting to know your facilitators and peers through a WhatsApp group.


Pre-recorded videos are unlocked daily

Learn by doing practical projects

Showcase your work to your class

About Me


Ming Wei


It took me 466 days to reach my first million followers and 300 days for the next 15 million. Today, at 18 million followers and 4 billion views on TikTok, I want to teach you everything I know about how you can grow your TikTok presence and create content that has the potential to go viral.

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