Conquer Any Challenge in 30 Days


30 Days

5 x coaching sessions



Michelle’s Method

to achieve any goal

what ill teach

What You Get

  • 15 Guided Video LessonsPulled from my experience of 50+ Challenges, I will teach you my exact method for goal setting.

  • The Sidekick WorkbookA gorgeous workbook of exercises I designed to help you achieve your goals.

  • Michelle's Cheat SheetMy personal email templates, organizational tools, and productivity tips.

  • Check-Ins with ME!For the first ever class, I will be joining the live check-ins with your classmates.

What You’ll Achieve

Define Your Goal

Choose a goal you've always wanted to achieve but never found the time or motivation to do.

Michelle Khare

Get the Tools You Need

I'll guide you through my goal setting method that I use in all my challenges.


Complete the Challenge

On day 30, you and your classmates will complete your own Final Challenge.

Conquer in 30 Days
Michelle Khare

Message From Me

Hi! I’m Michelle, a YouTuber, former professional athlete, and challenge fanatic. You may know me from my YouTube series Challenge Accepted. After trying everything from Marine bootcamp to training with astronauts at NASA, I have garnered a wealth of knowledge on goal setting, productivity, and kicking ass. In this course, I’m going to walk you through my exact goal setting method from beginning to end.If you’ve ever tried to change your life or go after a big goal -- then you know that it comes with challenges. How can you hold yourself accountable in tangible but forgiving ways? What happens when there are delays, obstacles, or loss of inspiration? How do you know when to rest or muscle through? We will be covering everything from simple everyday habit building techniques to common, hidden obstacles that most people aren’t prepared for and that account for why most people can’t stick to their plan. We’ll even get into technical skills, like calendar management, effective email writing, and communication -- that will not only support you on this specific journey, but in general everyday life.For years, you have been challenging me. Now, it’s time for me to challenge YOU.

Coaching Sessions

Pre-Challenge (2 weeks)
Pre-Challenge (2 weeks)
Watch video lessons drawn from my experience
Day 1 Coaching Call
Day 1 Coaching Call
Get on a call and define your goal
Day 5 Zoom Check-In
Day 5 Zoom Check-In
Meet your classmates and confirm your final challenge!
Day 10 Zoom Check-In
Day 10 Zoom Check-In
Check in on your classmates and hold each other accountable
Day 20 Zoom Check-In
Day 20 Zoom Check-In
Check in on your classmates before your final challenge!
Day 31 Graduation
Day 31 Graduation
Celebrate your success with your classmates and Michelle!

Pre-Challenge Course Modules






Join a Class With Others

Start Together,Graduate Together.

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About Me

Michelle Khare

Michelle Khare

Challenge Accepted Academy

Hey! I’m Michelle Khare, I’m a former professional athlete and a content creator with over 200 million YouTube views on my channel. My viral series “Challenge Accepted” follows my passion for learning new skills and professions in condensed periods of time. My long list of adventures include being coached by Olympians to compete in a figure skating competition, charging head-on into a burning building, and being the first YouTuber to ever be put through the FBI Academy. Having tried everything from Marine bootcamp to training with astronauts at NASA, I want to provide you with an unparalleled perspective on goal setting and achieving results.

Why should I do this instead of hiring a life coach?

What kind of goals can I set?

Can I take part in the challenge more than once?

Michelle Khare

Challenge Accepted!

with Michelle Khare



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